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Chicago & Fire


Round the World
Round the World
Round the World
Round the World

Flight Details

SFly from Dublin to London where you can partake in some quality sightseeing before travelling stateside to the Windy City of Chicago. Continue your American journey and fly to LA where you’ll discover the history of TV and Film. Relax after your city adventure on the Island Paradise of Tahiti before making the move to New Zealand to explore Auckland. Next up is Australia’s famous city Sydney. Here you’ll catch some rays before flying to Singapore where you’ll experience Asian culture. Before flying home to Dublin, you’ll stop into Dubai to splash the rest of your cash.

Duration in each country

Other than visa stay limitations you can set your own timeline on each country visit.

How long is the ticket valid?

All of the round the world tickets are valid for 12 months from your departure date only.


USIT can help with booking local boutique hotels, resorts, apartments or hostels in the majority of locations.

Free Accommodation Voucher worth $90 AUD

Now when booking your Round The World Flight ticket, participants will receive a FREE hostel/ Hotel voucher worth $90 AUD. This voucher can be redeemed for use in any country you choose to stop in!

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What our expert agents think about this trip

Enjoy the windy city of Chicago with its characteristic architecture and many museums. Challenge yourself to a road trip to San Fran and then catch your plane to that fantastic, beautiful, magnificent little island called Tahiti for some relaxing time surrounded by stunning nature, clear water, and delicious food. When you are tired of being spoiled and disconnected with the world, change your life once again and visit beautiful New Zealand before travelling back to Ireland - hey, it's not over yet! Get some noodles in Singapore before stepping back into Ireland, eh?

- Luigi

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