The Masterchef

The Masterchef

Dublin, London, Singapore, Sydney, Auckland, Cook Islands, Auckland, Los Angeles, New York, Dublin

About The Masterchef

Fly from Dublin to Dubai and delve into this modern city before travelling on to Singapore to experience Asia at its finest. Next up is Australia where you’ll experience the iconic city of Sydney, before heading on to Oz's next door neighbour, New Zealand. Landing into Auckland you can explore this city and its surroundings before relaxing in the island paradise of the Cook Islands. Return to Auckland to finish up anything you mightn’t have had a chance to do first time around before leaving Australia and heading Stateside. Experience the glitz and glam of Los Angeles before flying to New York to see the Big Apple in the flesh. Return to London to do a last bit of sightseeing on your return to Dublin.


Duration in each country

Other than visa stay limitations you can set your own time for each country.

How long is the ticket valid?

All of the round the world tickets are valid for 12 months from your departure date.


USIT can help with booking local boutique hotels, resorts, apartments or hostels in the majority of locations.

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