Health & Fitness Holidays - Thailand

Improve your personal fitness and wellbeing while relaxing in a tropical paradise

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Train in Thailand for as little as...

Standard Room - 1 weekStandard Retreat - 1 weekDeluxe Retreat - 1 week
January €1,300 €1,400 €1,550
February €1,250 €1,350 €1,450
March €1,250 €1,350 €1,450
April €1,370 €1,470 €1,540
May €1,350 €1,450 €1,525
June €1,350 €1,450 €1,525

*Prices include return-flights to Phuket, single trip gold-level insurance, 1-week full Thailand Fitness Programme, accommodation and 2-meals each day.

Remember, you have full control over how many weeks of training that you would like to accomplish and our agents can arrange for your stay to extend to a full 12-week Programme. Please contact our Bootcamp Holiday Team is you are interested in learning more about the programmes, their inclusions and durations:

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Enjoy a personal and individualized fitness consultation with our trained Professionals.

Receive a comprehensive training plan that will be revisited and adapted throughout the course of your holiday to match the improvement of your fitness-levels.

Select your choice of accommodation from Standard, Boutique or Deluxe rooms in Thailand or stay in Ultimate Fitness’ shared Villa in Bali.

Benefit from the optional meal plan designed to supply your body with a healthy balance of energy and nutrients to support you in your fitness journey.

Take advantage of local group outings and activities that will enable you to not only make the most of your time in paradise but also meet like-minded individuals.


  • Airport Pick Up (Phuket)
  • Introduction & Orientation
  • Dedicated Ultimate Fitness Holidays representative on call
  • Access To Gym & Training Areas
  • Weekly personal one-to-one training and mentor session
  • Meal plan 2 meals a day Monday to Saturday
  • Unlimited Relaxing Yoga Sessions
  • Group Body 360 Sessions
  • Getting ripped With Olympic Lifting Classes
  • Strength & Conditioning Group Sessions
  • Accommodation with pool as per selection
  • Beach Runs and external excursions
  • 100% supportive environment to help you reach your fitness goals
  • Detailed pre-departure pack before travelling
  • Expert Nutrition advice
  • Feeling and looking stronger fitter & better when you leave!
  • Training top


All have full pool access and are 5-minute walking distance from training centre.

Standard Accommodation
Boutique Villa
Deluxe Villa