James Kavanagh’s Experience

In the summer of 2017 we sent social media mogul, James Kavanagh off as our J1 Thailand Ambassador to experience it first hand. Find out how he got on in the video below


Thailand was a crazy fun adventure. My friends and I went and it was probably one of, if not the best, trip I've ever been on. Each island we stayed on was unique in its own way; Pha Ngan was insane because there was a party every night and of course we had the full moon party to top it all off (flaming ropes, glow in the dark paint, buckets and Zorb balls- what more could you want?). Koh Samui definitely had the best beaches. We actually asked to stay there for an extra few nights at the end of our holiday just to relax on the beaches and work on my tan before going back home. Koh Tao however was my favourite. It's definitely the most picturesque of the three and the snorkelling is amazing. The Koh Tao pub crawl was definitely one of the highlights of the island. I'd say my two favourite nights were definitely the night of the Full Moon Party and Koh Tao pub-crawl. The trip was a bit like a party holiday with a dash of culture; during the day you could visit temples, snorkel and eat traditional Thai food which was insanely good. What I liked about the J1 Thailand was that everything was organised for us. So we didn't have to stress out or worry about getting to the islands, booking ferries/transport, especially accommodation in Pha Ngan; which fills up so quickly. But there was still an element of flexibility which meant we got to go to Bangkok and Chiang Mai towards the end of our trip even though it wasn't part of the holiday.
- Eleonora

I went on J1 Thailand in June 2017. It was an amazing experience and we got to see some of the best parts of Thailand. USIT were so helpful with organising everything and that took the pressure off while studying for college exams. Originally the trip was a 9 day trip, but myself and my girlfriend opted to stay for an extra 7 days which they organised for us as well. J1 Thailand was a brilliant experience. Me and my girlfriend really enjoyed the full moon party and the views. I would strongly advise to travel with USIT, I know I will be in the near future!
- Anthony