Work and Travel Ireland

Are you looking for a new adventure?

Work and Travel Ireland

Whether it's a summer abroad, a semester work abroad program, an international work opportunity or even a gap year abroad, the USIT Work in Ireland program is your answer! 

Our Work in Ireland program, also promoted by BUNAC US and BUNAC UK, is the product of USIT Ireland, the student youth travel organisation in Ireland, since the 1970's. 

The Program gives participants the opportunity to work anywhere in Ireland, choose form 4 Month Program for $430 and 12 month Program WAS $340 NOW only $150!

Gain some international experience to add to your resume. You can work in any field, full time paid employment, as many jobs as you like! Also have the option to travel around Ireland and discover a new culture, another bonus is having Europe on your doorstep for travelling.

The Work in Ireland team is on the ground to assist with jobs, housing, socialising, etc. Check out the webpage and email us on for more information! It will be the cultural experience of a life time!

Why the Work and Travel Ireland Program?

Work and Travel Ireland is the best way for any student/recent graduate to experience the culture and tradition that is globally perceived as something of such value.

Work in Ireland is authorized by the Irish Government to allow US students to travel and work in Ireland for up to four/twelve months. The 12 month program requires you to apply for your own work-holiday authorisation, but the Work in Ireland staff will provide invaluable advice for the application procedure. The Working Holiday authorisation is a special reciprocal program, that allows eligible US students/recent graduates to take any job anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.