Argentina Working Holiday Programme

Argentina Working Holiday Programme

If you are thinking of an extended trip to South America then why not pre arrange a work visa for Argentina and enjoy the flexibility of being legally permitted to work to supplement your traveling. The visa is valid for a full 12 months and is available to people aged 18 to 35 inclusive.

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Argentina Working Holiday Programme Options

The USIT Working Holiday Programme for Argentina is available in either Buenos Aires or Cordoba and includes:

  • Visa Processing Assistance
  • Accommodation in Student Residences Dorm Rooms - Centrally Located - for duration of arrivals programme. eg. 2 days or 1 week
  • Argentina Orientation Finding jobs, tax numbers, bank accounts etc.
  • Welcome Lunch & City Walk
  • Group Activity with other programme participants
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Arrival Airport Pick Up

Buenos Aires

2 Days Arrival Programme €299
2 Days Arrival Programme with 3 Hours of Private Spanish Lessons €399
1 Week Arrival Programme with 20 Spanish Lessons (Group) €599


2 Days Arrival Programme €299
2 Days Arrival Programme with 3 Hours of Private Spanish Lessons €399
1 Week Arrival Programme with 20 Spanish Lessons (Group) €499

I studied Arts in college and when it came to doing my work placement I chose to Teach English in Argentina. Spain would have been the obvious choice to practice my language skills but I knew this might be my only opportunity to experience South America, so I grabbed it with both hands. I went on the 6 month Working Holiday Visa with USIT and had the flexibility to work with two different schools, first in Córdoba and then in Patagonia. I gained valuable professional teaching experience, improved my Spanish skills, made some great friends and had the opportunity to travel not only within Argentina but Chile and Brazil as well. I would definitely recommend it!

- Síobhan, UL Graduate

Jobs in Argentina

Argentina has not been insulated from the current international economic climate but the truth is that it has not been hitting as hard as many European countries. 

With a population of 42 million, the unemployment rate in Argentina at the end of 2012 was 6.9 %, being ARS 2900 per month (€ 430) its national minimum wage since January 2013.

The Working Holiday Visa will cover work of a casual or temporary nature only. For those young Irish travelling to Argentina and looking for a job, there are certain areas more popular than others such as English teaching, call centres or casual work. Bear in mind that although having fluent Spanish is not required, certain level of the language could be a plus for the job hunting.

Argentina is in a high demand of native English speakers. The salary average goes between ARS 70 – 80 approx per hour.  Probably the easiest way to find a teaching job is applying through Language Schools but you could consider others like teaching in-companies or one to one. Please note that “Buenos Aires Herald” has become a hopeful source of teacher job vacancies.

Call centres have become a key element in the growth of Argentina. Both local and multinational companies, most of them in the Telecom industry and located mainly in the cities of Buenos Aires and Cordoba, have substantial expansion opportunities in the country. TeleTech, Telefonica, Motorola, HP, IBM, Sony or Orange are some examples. Salaries in this area go from AR 3800 approx per month.

Nightlife in the main cities such as Buenos Aires or Cordoba is large and wide so there are plenty of work opportunities in this area. Picking up casual work in a restaurant or even in an Irish pub (over 40 in the city of Buenos Aires only) is certainly a good chance to make some money and pay the bills. The tipping policy in the service industry is minimum 10%.

For those sport lovers, working as a ski instructor (around 14 ski resorts along the Andes) or playing rugby (around 400 clubs in Argentina) in an amateur level could be other options to keep in mind.

The following job search websites could help you while job hunting:

Also some of the main recruitment agencies are Adecco, Grupo Gestion, Randstad or Manpower.

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