We’re excited you’ve decided to apply to be a camp counsellor in the Autumn Camp Canada programme! Here are details on what to expect as you move forward in the application and placement process.

Enquire here!

Apply to Autumn Camp Canada

You can enquire here. You can book your place on the programme by paying a €99 deposit, and we will then review your application and schedule a time to meet you for an in-person interview. If we aren’t able to accept you onto the programme, your deposit will be refunded.

Once you’re accepted

After being accepted by USIT, your second payment of €349 is due. You’ll have a second interview with our partner in Canada so they can get a better feel for your skills, personality, and the right camp for you. Camps will review your application and may contact you by email or Skype to set up a time to learn more about you. Be as available as possible!

Once placed with a camp, we’ll organize your flights for you and your remaining balance is due within one week.

Prepare for your journey

It’s time to get ready for your trip to Canada! Your arrival date will usually be the last week of August, but you can decide when to fly back. Many people stay on to travel across the US and Canada, or continue their work in Canadian winter camps.

Enjoy the camp experience and get out and explore!