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Camp USA Discount: €299 for those recruited from Camp USA to go up to Canada

We’re totally upfront about costs, so you’ll never wonder what you’re going to pay. Your programme fee includes everything except the cost of your flight (which you’ll book through us, and we’ll give you a quote for once you’re hired) and a medical exam, which you’ll pay directly to your GP. If you worked at a camp in the summer and have already had a medical, you won’t need to do this. You do not need to go to the Canadian Embassy, so there is no additional embassy fee.


  • Work permit
  • Programme fee
  • One-week training at Family Camp
  • 24 hour assistance and support while on the Programme
  • Free accommodation & food while at Fall Camp
  • SIN number - Social Insurance Number
  • Canadian Bank Account

Additional Costs

  • Round Trip Flight (price varies by location)
  • Medical Exam (if you have not already gotten one)
  • Insurance
  • 2-day orientation and accommodation upon arrival into Canada ($150 CAD)