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Canada Essentials Programme

Kickstart your career with a 2 year USIT Canada Essentials Programme. This North American nation is world-renowned for its natural beauty, diverse culture and thriving industries, as evidenced by the large number of Irish now emigrating to Canada to further their careers.

Flights and Insurance

Guideline for flights to Toronto

Return Flights fr€366 + tax
One way Flight fr€315 + tax


1 year Work Abroad Insurance policy: €299
2 Year Work Abroad Insurance policy: €349

We offer the most comprehensive Work in Canada insurance cover including:

  • 10 million Medical Cover
  • Unlimited Winter Sports cover
  • Very low excess only €50.

Flights subject to terms, conditions and availability.

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    work in canada

    Canada Programme

    Cost €85. Includes:

    • Access to the USIT Canada Jobs Database (1000s of live Canadian Jobs)
    • Pre-departure Handbook sent via email to give you the basics on getting prepared for Canada
    • Canadian SIM Card
    • €50 Deposit towards booking Flights & Insurance to Canada with USIT
    Book Now!

    Who can apply?

    The USIT Canada Programme is open those who are eligible to apply for a visa under the International Experience Canada (IEC) programme for their country of citizenship. See here for a list of countries with IEC programmes. Please note that visa duration and eligibility requirements differ from country to country so we may not be able to assist all potential applicants!

    For Irish passport holders, you must be aged 18-35 with a clean police record, and have not travelled to Canada before on a working holiday for longer than 12 months. More information on the Irish IEC programme and the different categories available can be found here.


  • 2 year Canada Insurance for €349

    • Up to 5 Trips Home (max stay 28 days)*
    • 24 months Worldwide Gold Cover (including USA & Canada)
    • Meets all IEC visa requirements
    • 24 Hour worldwide emergency assistance
    • Personal luggage, money & documents
    • Delayed and Missed departures
    • Exam failure
    • Winter sports

    Request a quote now!

    Or prefer to talk to our Canadian Specialist Jonathan?
    Please ring on  01 602 1603 or email

    Policy Details

    Cancellation or Curtailment
    Up to €2,500
    Emergency Medical Expenses
    and other Expenses
    Up to €10,000,000
    Dental Expenses
    Hospital Benefit
    €300 (€25 per day)
    Personal luggage, Cash and Passport
    Up to €1,200
    Single Article Limit
    Valuables Limit in Total
    Unreceipted Items Limit
    Unreceipted Single Item Limit
    Delayed Baggage
    Up to €120
    Replacement of Passport
    Up to €250
    Emergency Passport Travel
    Up to €250
    Personal Money / Documents
    Travel Documents / Tickets
    Credit Card Fraud
    Delayed Departure
    €20 each 12hrs to €200
    Holiday Abandonment
    Up to €2,000
    Missed Departure
    Up to €500
    Personal Accident
    Loss of Limbs or Sight
    Permanent Total Disablement
    Death Benefit
    Public Liability
    Up to €2,000,000
    Legal Expenses
    Up to €10,000
    Student Loans
    Up to €3,000
    Government Travel Advice
    Up to €1,000
    Credit Card Fraud
    Up to €500
    Loss of Earnings
    Up to €650
    Summer Exam Failure
    Up to €750
    Winter Sports
    Ski Equipment Owned
    Up to €600
    Up to €400
    Single Article Limit
    Up to €300
    Unreceipted Items Limit
    Up to €500
    Unreceipted Single Item Limit
    Hire of Ski Equipment
    €500 (€50 per day)
    Ski Pack / Inability to ski
    €500 (€50 per day)
    Piste Closure
    €500 (€50 per day)
    Avalanche Closure
    Up to €500

    In the event of an emergency abroad You should contact the 24-hour helpline number +353 91 501 613. Give Your name, Policy Number and as much information as possible, together with a telephone or fax number where You can be contacted day or night.

  • Eligibility

    *Please note that the above information is based on the 2015 Irish IEC programme and may differ for those holding non-Irish passports


    Working Holiday

    Young Professionals

    International Co-op

    Places available




    Visa Duration

    24 months max

    24 months max

    12 months max

    Visa Cost

    $150 IEC fee
    + $100 CIC fee

    $150 IEC fee
    + $100 CIC fee

    $150 IEC fee
    + $100 CIC fee

    Age restriction?




    Processing Times

    6 to 8 weeks

    6 to 8 weeks

    6 to 8 weeks

    Valid passport required?




    Police Cert required?




    Job required?


    Yes – to apply

    Yes – to apply

    Job restrictions?


    Related to current field

    Related to college course

    Insurance required?




    Proof of Funds required?

    Yes, $2500CAD at time of travel

    Yes, $2500CAD at time of travel

    Yes, $2500CAD at time of travel

    *Please note that the above information is based on the 2014 Irish IEC programme.


    For FAQs and application process information for Ireland please visit this link!

  • Living and Working in Canada

    CalgaryWith its epic scenery, welcoming people – the winters may be harsh but the locals are warm and friendly – and a growing Irish community, Canada is an attractive land of contrasts, adventure and opportunity, where thousands are flocking to build their careers and enjoy the Canadian way of life.

    Let USIT walk you through the process of applying for the sought-after International Exchange Canada (IEC) visa, which, in 2014 alone, gave over 8000 Irish citizens the chance to live and work in Canada temporarily.

    Just how popular is the IEC Programme? For 2014, the quota for Ireland rose to 10,700 in total, split between 3 categories, with 7,700 dedicated to the very flexible working holiday programme. With several key industries in Canada’s economy suffering skilled labour shortages, there’s never been a better time to relocate to this breathtakingly beautiful country.

    Boasting cosmopolitan cities and friendly small towns, located throughout a vast and diverse landscape of mountains, lakes and prairies, Canada is a great fit for Irish workers of all ages. Recent graduates, young families, mid-career workers – there are plenty of opportunities in Canada for those with a taste for adventure.

    Where should I live?

    The Economist recently cited Canada as one of the most desirable places to live, meaning its infrastructure, crime rates and overall standard of living rate higher than most countries in the world.

    Do your research to find out the best regions for your particular industry or experience and don’t just look at the big cities. Toronto and Vancouver are highly sought after for good reason – their metropolitan cultures make them exciting places to live – but you’ll also find greater competition for jobs and housing. Consider the smaller communities dotted throughout this vast country for a different kind of experience.

    For example, if you are looking for career advancement in the fields of engineering, construction, energy or building consultancy, take advantage of the boom happening now in parts of rural Canada, such as Fort McMurray (the capital of Alberta’s oil industry) and the province of Saskatchewan. These regions are rich in natural resources and currently in short supply of skilled workers. Life in rural Canada is not for everyone, but those willing to work hard to gain invaluable international experience will be rewarded with excellent pay and benefits.

    Calgary and Edmonton, the largest cities in Alberta, are also good choices for those working in the high-tech, energy or agriculture sectors, and offer unique settings where rural landscapes meet urban sprawl. Elegant, French-speaking Montreal, meanwhile, is a cosmopolitan city where those with the right skills can carve out careers in the creative or IT sectors. Project managers, drafters, electricians and engineers are just some of the jobs being advertised in Vancouver, on Canada’s Pacific Coast. You’ll find opportunities in finance and media in Canada’s largest city Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

    Other Canadian cities worth considering: Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Ottawa, the nation’s capital!

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