Taiwan Working Holiday Programme

Taiwan Working Holiday Programme

Taiwan is one of Asia's booming economies and now Irish Passport holders have an amazing opportunity to travel and work in Taiwan for a full year! USIT's arrival programme has all you need to get you on your feet in this unique culture, providing you with valuable orientations on life and working in Taiwan.

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What can you expect from living in Taiwan?

Economically vibrant and technologically advanced society

  • Taiwan is a highly successful modern economy and its people enjoy a good standard of living.
  • The country is characterised by innovation and creativity.
  • Its successes have been driven by a remarkable commitment to education.
  • Taiwan is a world leader in science and technology.
  • Unemployment is very low and finding an incidental job should not be difficult for a working holiday traveller.

Rich in culture, politically and socially modern

  • Taiwan is a multi-party democracy and very modern in its protection of freedoms and rights.
  • Although an Asian country with a rich sense of culture and time-honoured customs, Taiwan has also embraced many universal conventions and Irish people will not find it hard to settle in.
  • Taiwanese people are very warm and friendly.

Beautifully diverse landscapes

  • Taiwan lies off the south-eastern coast of mainland Asia, in the path of warm ocean currents.
  • It enjoys a wide range of climactic zones from tropical to temperate.
  • The island itself is a quite remarkable place : It is only 36,191 square kilometres, but it is home to 23 million people and boasts a staggering natural diversity.
  • It has truly modern cities but also national parks, forested foothills & volcanic mountain ranges.

How to apply for the Taiwan Working Holiday programme?

The arrivals programme includes:

  • Airport Greeting and Pick Up upon arrival to Taiwan.
  • Accommodation for 5 nights (7 nights option also available!)
  • Orientation in Taiwan of General living needs and cultural guidelines for Taiwan
  • 8 Hours of Chinese Mandarin Language lessons, to be completed in Taiwan
  • 24/7 Emergency English/Chinese helpline throughout the participants stay in Taiwan

The arrivals programme does not include the cost of the Working Holiday Visa and this must be paid to the Taiwan Embassy directly by the participant. USIT will endeavour to offer as much support as possible with the application for the visa.

To apply for the visa the participant needs to go online here.

For more information email our Work & Travel Department at workandtravel@usit.ie or call 01 602 1742!

Taiwan Working Holiday programme cost fr €599 Apply Now!

Eligibility requirements

  • Be between the age of 18-30 (inclusive) at the time of application.
  • Hold an Irish passport valid for 6 months after the proposed end date of the visit.
  • Not be accompanied by a spouse or dependents (unless those dependents are also in possession of a working holiday visa).
  • Reside in Ireland when they apply and when the visa is issued.
  • Have sufficient funds of at least €4000 to cover expenses OR €2500 and a valid onward or return ticket.
  • Have health insurance to cover any medical or hospital costs during their stay in Taiwan.