Primary, Secondary & Early Childhood Teachers are all required on this programme. Recent graduates can also be placed in fully paid teaching posts.

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Irish teachers

We are only accepting teachers qualified under the Irish curriculum on this programme.

Over 18

All qualified teachers must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

Previous New Zealand visa

Have not already had a working visa for New Zealand yet.

Now only

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Visa Eligibility

The majority of Teachers on this programme will be entering New Zealand on a working holiday visa. This visa will permit you to work & travel in New Zealand for up to 1 year.

Applicants are not allowed to travel with dependent children on this visa & cannot be more than 30 years of age at time of application.

You must also hold a passport from one of the partner countries with New Zealand for the working holiday agreement.

However please note we will only accept Teachers who have qualified under the Irish Education curriculum.

If the country of passport is not Ireland then you need to be aware of visa allocation limits & you will need to check this with our Teach team teach@usit.ie before applying.

If you have been to New Zealand on a working holiday visa previously or are over 30 at time of application, not to worry, while you would not be eligible for the working holiday visa in this case, you may be eligible for our Skilled visa. Our Teach team can talk you through the differences when applying.

Teaching Qualifications

To be confirmed as a qualified Teacher on this programme, you must hold a level 8 minimum Teaching Qualification & have graduated from a recognised Irish Education University or Institute.

As part of the programme process your qualifications will be assessed by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) & there will be an added cost of $746 NZD/ €504 approx. that must be paid directly to NZQA.

Fortunately a select few Teaching courses in Ireland are exempt from this assessment, you can check yours out with our Teach team - teach@usit.ie

Your teaching experience will also need to be assessed when you register with New Zealand's teaching council (also part of the process). This assessment will cost $303 NZD/ €205 approx. and it will determine your entry pay scale when teaching in New Zealand, see below for the current salary scale.

Salary for teachers in New Zealand

Every teacher will be assessed & their place on the Teachers pay scale will be determined before they start work. Teachers can move up the pay scale during their time in New Zealand. Previous teaching experience will be considered in this process.

Point on scale As at September 2018
T1 NZ$47,000
T2 NZ$49,000
T3 NZ$51,200
T4 NZ$53,200
T5 NZ$56,550
T6 NZ$60,500
T7 NZ$64,800
T8 NZ$69,400
T9 NZ$73,650
T10 NZ$78,000