Amazing April Sale – Our Top Picks!

Summer is fast approaching and it’s probably time to start thinking about booking your next big adventure. Lucky for you guys our April Sale has landed and we’ve literally got hundreds of unbelievable adventure package deals to chose from. We’ve picked just a handful of deals that we think will be hard to beat so keep reading if you want to find out some of the stunning experiences you could get up to this summer.

Sin, Surf and Sierras – Las Vegas to LA

USIT Exclusive – 27% Off

This one is perfect for the traveller who wants it all. Kick off your epic week in Sin City and finish it off in LA, hitting amazing spots along the way including Death Valley National Park, Yosemite and San Francisco.


Your Free Day in San Fran

Cycling is the best way to view the bay area, and a popular choice of transport to explore the Golden Gate Bridge.  Check out other cool areas of the city too such as the Castro District and Fisherman’s Wharf. Make your way back to Pier 39 for some sunset sailing around San Francisco Bay, taking in the stunning city skyline and getting up close and personal with the marine life while cruising by the infamous Alcatraz Island.

Universal Studios Hollywood

Finish off your trip in style in the fun filled Universal studios, home to thrilling theme park rides, live shows, and a real working movie studio. In the evening, check out some of Los Angeles’ best shops, restaurants, and cinemas at CityWalk.

Best of Southern India

USIT Exclusive – 19% Off

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From calm Kerala backwaters and spice plantations to incredible temples and searching for tigers in the wild. Have your camera ready as you experience the following highlights of Southern India.


Wayanad Nature Walk

Enjoy a nature walk in beautiful Wayanad, which is home to many endangered species and has an amazing range of flora and fauna. The area boasts a long and influential history, with numerous ancient relics like the Edakkal Caves, which depict a Stone Age civilization. Get a taste of the region’s culture as you visit a local tribal village.

Mudumalai Jeep Safari

Enjoy an exciting visit to this sanctuary, a haven for Bengal tigers and Indian leopards, among other threatened species. Keep your eyes peeled: you can often see herds of endangered Indian elephants, vulnerable gaur (Indian bison), and chital (spotted deer).

Botswana & Falls Adventure

USIT Exclusive – 22% Off

This trip offers a fully immersive, unyielding African experience in a compact eight-day package. Soak up the wildlife and vibrant colours and scenery of Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa, with wildlife walks and plenty of options for wildlife safari drives. Camp under the stars of the Okavango Delta and marvel at Victoria Falls, the adrenaline capital of the region.


Okavango Delta Excursion

Enjoy wildlife walks, mokoro trips and birdwatching in the pristine wilderness area of the Okavango Delta – the world’s largest inland delta. In the evening count the shooting stars, sing with the locals, or simply unwind with a beer around the campfire.

Zip Line or Bridge Swing over the Zambezi

Here’s a tough decision for you, either choose to strap into a swing and free fall for 80 metres or glide along a zipline for 300 metres, either way you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs flying over the Batoka Gorge  below. But do try to stop screaming for at least a few seconds to take in the incredible views of the Victoria Falls along the way.

Mexico–Cities, Cuisine & Ruins

USIT Exclusive – 22% Off

Explore all that Mexico has to offer, from the hustle of modern, magical Mexico City to the ruins at Chichén Itzá (one of the Seven Wonders of the World). This adventure takes in all the cultural and historical highlights. It’s perfect for travellers on a tight budget looking to see as much of this diverse region as possible.


Lucha Libre Match

Grab a beer, a seat and get ready to get rowdy. Enjoy watching these trash talking, high flying  Luchadores battling it out in the ring. Boo the rudos as they try to cheat and conquer the precise and formal técnicos. You’re sure to learn how to throw a few insults in Spanish after spending a night at one of these matches.

Playa Del Carmen

Your final stop of this incredible Mexican fortnight is Playa del Carmen, located on the beach and just a 45-minute drive south of Cancún. This is your last chance to enjoy some nightlife with bustling bars, nightclubs and beach-clubs located all around the town.  Pick up some souvenirs to bring back to Mammy and relax and swim in the Caribbean Sea. There is also snorkeling and diving available, and long stretches of sandy beaches which are perfect for walking and relaxing after a hectic day.

Walk the Great Wall of China

USIT Exclusive – 26% Off

Centuries old, China’s Great Wall remains one of humankind’s engineering marvels. At over 21,000km (13,048 mi) in length, the Wall is a trip in and of itself. You won’t tackle the whole thing on this 10-day trip, but you’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the life that goes on around and upon it. The Beijing-to-Beijing route will take you to small villages that have stood for centuries in the shadow of this massive tribute to human will and introduce you to the cuisine, culture, and history that make this one of China’s most captivating attractions.


Great Wall Toboggan ride

After trekking 6km to an altitude of 3330 ft, you’re going to be pretty exhausted, the boring cable car is always an option to get back to the bottom, but sliding your way down on a toboggan is gonna be a lot more fun!

Qing Tombs Exploration

Visit the magnificent burial grounds of Qing emperors and empresses with this tour to the  Qing Tombs. When you arrive at the tombs, step out to admire the well-preserved site, which covers a total area of 31 square miles. As you explore the site, learn about the impressive centuries-long Qing Dynasty and about the lives of the 5 emperors, 15 empresses, 3 princes, 2 princesses, and 136 concubines who are buried here.

Brisbane to Cairns Experience

USIT Exclusive – 35% Off

This one is for the travellers long on ambition but short on time, an extensive and compact journey up the East Coast of Queensland, this really is a once in a lifetime trip. Employing a diverse range of transport – yachts, trains, 4x4s, and private vehicles – you’ll visit Fraser Island and the Whitsundays, go snorkelling, and sleep on the banks of the Noosa River. Your time here may not last long, but your memories will last forever.


Noosa Everglades Overnight Excursion

The Noosa Everglades, one of only two everglades systems on Earth, is a world of water, wilderness and wonder. Choose to take it easy here, relaxing around the lake during your two-night stay or opt for a nature boat tour, canoe excursion, or hike on one of the nearby trails. The next day you’ll be boarding a ferry to the largest sand island in the world – Fraser Island.

Whitsunday Islands Sailing Trip

All in all you’ll spend 3 days sailing through the breathtaking waters of Whitsunday aboard a maxi-yacht formerly used to circumnavigate the globe. Enjoy taking in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands, passing by secluded coves and tiny islands.  Make sure to take advantage of the included snorkel gear, throw on a mask and see what lives in the Great Barrier Reef.

Tanzania and Zanzibar Adventure

USIT Exclusive – 26% Off

USIT Travel Agent @JamesOD09 on his recent trip to Africa

The wilds of Tanzania are one of those places that you just can’t explore by yourself. Tag along with us for ten fast-paced days that pack in all the highlights of the region, including six days on the mainland and four days on Zanzibar, plus plenty of  safari drives in national parks to amplify your chances at spotting wildlife. With an included flight between the safaris and Zanzibar, you’ll maximize the time you’ve got to truly indulge in all the nature and beaches that East Africa has to offer.


Serengeti National Park Safari

This is the reason you came to Africa. Charge your camera, grab your binoculars, and set out on safari. Your eagle-eyed driver will keep an eye out for wildlife – buffaloes, elephants, lions, wildebeests, zebras, and more. Tanzania’s Serengeti tends to be less crowded than some of Kenya’s reserves, so enjoy the scenery, the vast expanse of the grasslands and the up-close look at wild Africa, and if that’s not enough for you, opt in to view the Serengetti from the heights of a hot air balloon.

Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Safari Drive

Set the alarm and prepare for an early start to see the wonders of the Ngorongoro Crater. Here you’ll see Maasai herdsmen in the morning mist. Your driver/guide will take you down into the crater and to all the best spots to view wildlife. Spot zebra, gazelles, buffaloes, and warthogs. The swamp and forest are home to hippos, rhinos, elephants, baboons, and monkeys. Keep your eyes peeled and camera ready to capture a pride of lions or a lone leopard walking along the crater floor.


None of the above tickle your fancy? Not to worry, we’ve got tonnes more discounted adventures right here. Go check them out, you’re bound to find your perfect trip.





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