Peter’s Australia Adventure

We chatted with Peter about his big move to Australia. He shared his reasons why he wanted to go, how he prepared, how USIT helped him along the way and his top tips including what he would do differently!

What made you choose Australia?

Australia is always somewhere I wanted to go since I was younger, it’s on the opposite side of the world but something about traveling this far on my own really excited me and I’ve always heard nothing but good things about it and also the weather is so good all the time – a welcome change from what we get at home most of the time.

Was it easy to move there? (the process with USIT)

The process with USIT was just perfect, they made life so much easier for me, my build-up to the move was so good, had no stress at all! I just dropped money into USIT, and they did all the work for me which I’m grateful for, haven’t stopped recommending them to everyone who is traveling.

Sydney Harbor Bridge

Tell us about your fab life in Oz

My life is Oz is good at the moment I’m just traveling around Sydney ATM cause it’s so big, so many nice beaches to see, but what strikes me the most about this place is how nice the people are and how friendly it is to live here, I’ve only been here 1 month and have already met some of the nicest people not just from Sydney but from all over the world, it’s such a special place.

How do you find working in Australia? Is it much different?

I’ve mainly been traveling so far and meeting new people in the past 4 weeks, so I haven’t started work just yet! But I have 2 interviews today so please god I’ll be working soon! But I do have some friends that work here already, and they say it’s just like at home with better weather, they said I’ll get used to it after a few weeks.

Coogee to Bondi Coastwalk

How did you go about finding a job and accommodation?

Lucky for me I knew a lot of people over here and was talking to them before I came about jobs and accommodation but when I got here I even met more people in my hostel, and some of these people have been here a long time. I got some tips off them cause when you get here you still have to apply for some things, depending on what work you want to do! So, I would say my top tip to anyone moving away just take your time when moving don’t rush into anything, always ask questions, you can never ask too many questions and get enough advice, everything will work out. I stayed in Wake-Up Hostel in CBD, by far the best hostel around so big and clean, and it was the perfect way to meet a lot of people traveling on your own!

What’s been the highlight of your experience so far?

My highlight so far is just meeting people from all over the world and hearing about their experiences and where they have travelled all over the world. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories true life, it excites me and really there are so many special stories to hear when you talk to many different people from all over the world.

Bondi beach

Are you happy with your decision to move to Oz?

I couldn’t be happier it’s the best thing I ever did! I wish I did it a long long time ago, I love it here never been more content and happier in my life!

Any hotspots Irish people should know about in Oz?

For any couples or anyone travel alone I could only recommend staying in the WAKE-UP HOSTEL! There’s one in central and Bondi but the one in central is a lot better, it has a sidebar and it’s just a great way to socialise while you’re settling in in the beginning. The place is super friendly – nice people clean rooms bathrooms, it has everything you need! As far as nightlife, there’s so much to choose from It just depends on what you’re into, but it has a lot of different places for different people but you will suss that out as soon as you get here, it’s a great place to go to!

Palm Beach

What’s something you wish you knew before you moved?

I wish I knew about going for my RSA. Basically, your RSA is something you need to get done if you want to work in a bar job or any job that involves alcohol. It’s pretty easy to get done here but, it’s something I wish I just did before came here because you can do it online at home before coming over.

Also, another thing is to book your tax file. You can work up to 28 days with a company before you get it, they will tax you a lot but if you had your tax file from the start it would just be a lot better for you!

And just about money! I saved quite a bit but I can’t express how just saving every penny you have coming over here, the place is amazing but it’s far from cheap everything costs money and I just recommend you all to save every penny you have.

Would you recommend booking through USIT?

Ahh, I couldn’t recommend USIT anymore they were the best in every way!

I’ve been telling everyone who has asked me about my trip that if they are thinking of booking with anyone to go with USIT they were great! Best Agency to work with.

Sydney Harbour

Check out Peter’s Instagram to follow along on his travels, or start your own Australian adventure with USIT today!

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