9 Reasons to go on USIT’s Camp USA Programme

1. So Much Fun!

Honestly, the job description is basically to provide fun! The summer camps are designed to provide fun for the kids all day long, but as a staff member, you get to enjoy it too! The hours may be long and you may not make millions but you will be doing one of the most fun jobs imaginable.

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2.  Fulfilling Work!

There is literally no better feeling in the world than that feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment that you get at the end of summer camp.  Your job is making sure the kids are happy, care for them when they are sick or sad, teach them good manners and values. You will be their role model, the person that they look up to and want to emulate.

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3. Personal and Professional Development

Summer Camp is a time to build and grow as a person. Working on a summer camp will take you out of your comfort zone and make you try and do new things. Taking charge, being a part of a team and being a leader are all factors that boost your confidence as a camp counsellor.  A lot of time and effort is put in to ensure that the staff are constantly given feedback, given every chance to develop within their jobs, and assisted and pushed to do so by our management teams.

4. Lifetime Friendships!

Entering the ‘Camp Bubble’ is one way to put it! Spending a significant amount of time with each other and not knowing what’s going on in the outside world is bound to create friendships that are strong. With just one summer you can make some of the closest friendships, or even relationships.

5. Bronzing while Working

Let’s not forget the part where we leave the Irish rain and live in 30-degree heat. Living in rural America, on a lake is something that everyone wishes for. No matter what camp you’ll be based, you’ll be getting a great tan!


6. No Expenses

USIT provides an amazing package with return flights, visa, insurance etc. The best part of it all is that included in the package is food and accommodation PAID FOR! Lots of students are not working as many hours as they would like, and Camp USA allows you to work and travel America at an amazing price.

Your accommodation and all your meals will be covered, uniform and laundry are looked after, all of your transport and anything else needed. You’ll just have to pay for your day trips to the city yourself! On top of this, getting paid at the end of camp means that you are covered for your 30 days of travel at the end!

7. Returners

We’ve had loads of Camp USA counsellors who keep reapplying every year. Lots of people head back for 3-4 summers consecutively, and every year their wages jump up a few hundred every year! Not only that, but they can also climb the ladder and become Camp Leaders which includes a pay rise too!

8. A New Experience

Why work in a bar, restaurant or in retail for the summer and winter. Change it up and dive into something that allows you to experience a completely different lifestyle. Of course, you may head over and teach kids the hobbies you do back in Ireland, but this is your time to find a new interest and become involved in a different way of life. Not only that but you will share a bond with these kids in some sort of way whether it be sports in the evening’s BBQ on the beach, during dinner time, singing camp songs or just making a fool out of yourself! This is camp life but there is no one who doesn’t enjoy their summer in camp.

9. Build Your CV

Leadership, communication skills, organisational skills, planning skills, teamwork. Every one of these skills is acted out daily in camp and they look fantastic on a CV! Every one of these skills will stand by you and an employer loves to see that people have travelled, engaged in different cultures and are courageous and proactive. Apply and committing to camp highlights these qualities in a person. If you ever thought about being a teacher, nurse, working in social care, becoming a coach- any work that is based around working with people, camp really stands out on the CV.


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