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USIT’s Essential Packing List

Posted 8 months ago in Asia

Everything You Need To Know Is Right Here

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Grad Visa: Internship Roles Announced In New York and San Francisco

You’re on the home straight now. The finish line is in sight and while it can be quite a stressful time, be calm in knowing that all your hard work this year is going to pay off. Once you’ve smashed your final exams, plentiful opportunities will arise to launch your career into a world of …

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This Irishman’s US Road Trip Video Is The Best You’ll See All Year

We get A LOT of travel videos submitted to us on a regular basis. To be honest, we love seeing them as every traveler’s experience is very different and it allows us to relive some of our own biggest adventures. PLEASE don’t stop sending us in vids (use #JustUSIT) of your travels! Even though we …

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US Embassy Urges J1 Applicants To Get Ahead Of The Rush As Demand Soars For Limited Places

The US Embassy has today released a statement urging 2018 J1 hopefuls to be more of a Fiona, than a RossĀ and get their applications in as early as they possibly can. Potential J1ers for 2018 have been urged to “be proactive and begin the application process as early as possible”, following a seven-week backlog of …

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US Airport Security Changes And What They Mean For Irish Passengers

As of this morning, new security measures for international visitors coming from non-US airlines have been put into effect across the US. The additional checks areĀ being put in place to avoid in-cabin bans on laptops (because in-flight Netflix is crucial) following the US (and shortly after the UK’s) decision to ban electronic devices larger than …

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Welcome, To The Real World! Best Work & Travel Options For 2017 Graduates

Bring forth the silly hats! It’s time to bask in your own glory, soak up the plaudits and embrace the opportunities as graduation season in Ireland is soon to begin.

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Employer Spotlight: Irish Marketing Interns Wanted in San Fran, New York & Napa Valley

Posted a year ago in Career

Finding that perfect paid internship in the US after you graduate is a tricky business. We get it. Searching for in the right places and for realistic companies can be a massive time drain and with less than 100 Graduate Visas left for 2017, time isn’t something you have much of to spare. Over the …

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