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Summer Camp USA T&Cs

USIT Summer Camp USA Terms and Conditions for your booking.

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The Summer Camp US placement program is offered by JENZA Travel Limited trading as USIT (the “Company”) and supported by a regulated US State Department sponsor. The Company acts as an international representative for the Visa sponsor (“the sponsor”). The program is designed to support participants to complete the steps required to obtain a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) form which permits them to apply for a J1 Summer Work and Travel Visa (the “J1”) which is issued separately by the US Embassy and select a role at a summer camp operated in the USA.

Participants can apply as:

  • A “First Timer” who is looking to obtain a J1 for the first time and looking for a camp role provided by the Company
  • A “Returner” who have previously held a J1 and who have been retained by a specific camp on the program from a prior year.
  • Or, a “Direct Placement” where the participant is applying for the J1 for the first time but have been hired directly by a summer camp.

By joining the program you are bound by the company’s general terms and conditions which are listed HERE.


First-timers: eligibility screening, coaching session, assistance with finding a placement at camp, J1 visa assistance and DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), medical insurance and in-country support. Full program inclusions are listed HERE.

Direct placements: eligibility screening, sponsor application administration J1 visa assistance and DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), medical insurance and in-country support. Programme inclusions are listed  HERE.

Returners: J1 visa assistance and DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), medical insurance and in-country support. Program inclusions are listed HERE.


The cost of the program is outlined on our website at the time of your booking.

The below table shows the payment schedule and what is included during each phase of the application for a first-timer/direct placement:

  • Application and Assessment fee:
    You complete your application. You have a coaching session with one of our team. Your application is reviewed.

  • Placement fee: Your application is made live for camps to see. You interview with a camp. You receive and accept a placement.

  • Final payment: The visa sponsor reviews your application. You receive a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and guidance on how to apply for a J1 visa. You receive an insurance policy.

The below table shows the payment schedule and what is included during each phase of the application for a returner:

  • Application and Assessment fee: You complete your application. You send us your camp contract.

  • Placement fee: We submit your details to the visa sponsor

  • Final payment: You receive a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and guidance on how to apply for the visa. You receive an insurance policy.

There are limited DS-2019s (visa sponsorship document) available for anyone returning to camp for the 3rd time, or more. These are allocated on a first come first served basis to those with completed and submitted Sponsor applications.

We recommended submitting your returner application within 4 weeks of your initial booking. If at the time your booking is received there are available 3rd timer spaces available, but you do not submit your sponsor application before all spots are allocated for the year, the cancellation terms listed in section 4 will apply

It is recommended that all participants book on to the programme and complete their application before April 1st. We cannot guarantee a placement at a camp, nor can we guarantee that you will secure an interview at the US embassy in time for your camp start date. Anyone applying from April 2nd onwards is applying with this understanding and that regular cancellation fees will apply.

What fees will you need to pay to third parties?

  • A police check
  • US Embassy fee
  • Travel to and from the US embassy
  • Any additional travel insurance you wish to take
  • Return flights
  • Transport from the airport once you arrive in the USA (to be discussed with your camp)
  • Proof of funds (you must be able to show proof that you have at least $400 in support funds when you arrive in the USA)
  • Accommodation (for after camp travels/any days off you have from camp)
  • Spending money
  • Charges made by your doctor to complete any medical forms required by your camp.

Regardless of the circumstances, we are unable to refund any of these fees.

Cost increase notice In the event of a cost increase for the program, the Company will provide customers with at least 30 days notice before the new cost takes effect. Customers are responsible for paying the increased cost as specified in the notice.

By continuing to use the program after the specified notice period, customers acknowledge and agree to the revised cost.

The Company reserves the right to adjust the program costs as necessary to reflect changes in operational expenses, market conditions, or other factors that may affect the overall service provision. Any such adjustments will be communicated to customers in a timely manner, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their continued participation in the program.


The deposit is transferable to any Company program up until the point of your interview taking place. After your interview, your deposit will be considered as used and therefore be non-transferable.

Your deposit is protected for life, however, is not transferable to another person. Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be printed with your correct name, date of birth, place and country of birth. It is your responsibility to provide details on all application forms that exactly match your passport. The DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document )replacement cost, due to misinformation or loss by the applicant is €75.


Cancellations requests will not be acted on until written confirmation by email has been received by the Company. If a DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) has been issued it must be returned to the Company before any refunds are given.

Program Deposit - The program deposit is a non-refundable fee unless your application is rejected by the Company before your application is submitted to the visa sponsor, in which case you will be refunded minus a €25 administration fee. Your program will be considered cancelled if you request to withdraw, do not engage with your application or respond to the Company’s communications or are not able to continue with the program giving rise to your requesting to withdraw.

Cancellations are calculated based on the stage where your application is at.

The below amounts will be held by the Company when cancelling at specific stages. Any non-refundable fees as stated above are not included in the below amounts:

  • Before application submitted to sponsor: 30%
  • Your Visa is refused by the US Embassy: 40%
  • After acceptance onto the programme but not placed: 50%
  • Your summer placement has been confirmed: 75%
  • After your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) is issued: 100%
  • If you are not placed at the end of the hiring season and choose not to roll over your application to the following summer the cancellation fee is €100

Returner & direct placements – all fees paid for the returner or direct placement programme in all cases if you or your camp cancels from the programme:

  • Before DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) is issued : 50%
  • After DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) is issued 100% (no refund)

The Company is not liable for and cannot refund third party costs including: police checks, travel costs, medical costs, and visa costs under any circumstances.

Dormant Application

If you have not activated or submitted your summer camp application within 3 months of deposit, your application will be marked as dormant and withdrawn from the programme. Regular cancellation fees will apply.

**5. VISA

J-1 Camp Counsellor Eligibility

Experience working with children and a confirmed job offer at a US camp


USA J-1 Visas are issued at the discretion of the US Embassy and the US Embassy can change visa application processes at any time. You are responsible for submitting a correct and complete visa application on time. You may experience delays or a denial if you:

  • Have a caution, been arrested or convicted of a crime, have previously experienced US visa/immigration problems or overstayed a visit to the US. You must inform the Company in writing if any of these statuses apply to you at the beginning of the application. Failure to declare such issues resulting in visa denial will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
  • All first-timer applicants must present their documents in person at the US Embassy.
  • The US Embassy will hold your passport until processing has been completed. Do not book any travel abroad during the visa application stage.
  • Average processing time for J1 visa applications with the US consulate is 10-15 business days but may take longer. The US Embassy will not prioritise or ‘fast track’ any visa applications. The company cannot be held responsible for any delays to your application at the embassy.
  • Do not book your US embassy interview until you have been told to book your interview by the Company
  • Wait until you have received confirmation of your visa appointment from the US Embassy before booking transport to your interview.

US Embassy appointments

It is the responsibility of the participant to book, and pay for, their US embassy appointment. Whilst we will send participants their DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) and a visa instructions document, it is the sole responsibility of the participant to book and attend an interview at the US embassy. Any fees associated with booking the embassy appointment are paid for by the participant. Under no circumstances can we refund payments that were made directly to the US embassy.

The US Embassy will hold an applicant’s passport for a minimum of 5 working days for processing of Visa after Interview. It is at the discretion of the US Embassy to hold a passport and application for longer than the above minimum if extra processing is required. The Company, the Sponsor and the US Embassy will not be held responsible for any delays, and subsequent fees incurred due to delays/ extra processing at the US Embassy Interview stage. Under no circumstances can a passport be requested back from the US Embassy quicker than the standard processing times laid out above.

Availability of visa appointments is at the discretion of the US embassy in the country you are applying from. The company does not guarantee your ability to apply for or attend a US embassy appointment.

DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document)

  • Only one original physical copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) will be issued at any time by the Sponsor and this is the only valid version.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) a new valid version must be issued by the Sponsor and you will be required to cover the costs of issuance and delivery.
  • If you lose or damage your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) please contact the Company at the earliest opportunity.
  • Your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) must be kept with your passport whilst in the USA.
  • If you forget or lose your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document) you may be denied entry to the US or may invalidate your visa and be at risk of deportation. The company are not responsible if immigration deny entry or propose deportation due to insufficient documentation.
  • You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred reissuing documentation.
  • The Company does not keep a copy of your DS-2019 (visa sponsorship document), and you may be asked to present it during any future applications to visit or work in the USA.
  • The Company aims to assist you with your arrival to America before your contract start date but is not responsible for delays caused by yourself, the US Embassy, the postal service or the courier company.

The Company is not responsible for any applications held for additional processing or refused by the US Embassy or any disrupted travel plans due to visa processing delays. The Company is unable to provide refunds paid to the US Embassy under any circumstances.


To participate in the Summer Camp program you will incur additional third-party fees which are outlined in section 2.


Flights are not included as part of the program and you will be responsible for booking them. You should not arrange travel until you have a confirmed summer camp job and have been issued a J1/BridgeUSA Camp Counselor visa. You must provide your booked travel information to the Company at least 72 hours before you intend to fly.

The applicant agrees that we will not be held responsible for any costs incurred if a flight change needs to be made. Examples of this include, but not limited to, visa delays, placement cancellations or extra processing by the US embassy.


Medical insurance is provided as part of the program . Full information of your Insurance plan and the claims procedure will be provided to you once the policy is issued. The Company is not the insurance provider and is not liable for any claims, coverage updates or refunds related to the policy.

The Sponsor insurance policy includes a number of exclusions which may include but are not limited to pre-existing medical conditions and any medication that you use regularly. Please ensure that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and exclusions included in your insurance policy in advance of your departure from your home country. The insurance policy may include an excess or deductible, which you will have to pay on any qualifying claims. If there are any items not covered by the policy it is your responsibility to acquire any additional policies to protect you during your time in USA.

You should always carry the insurance card provided by the Sponsor in case treatment is needed in the USA.

Any injuries incurred whilst working at your summer camp should be covered by the camp’s Workers Compensation Insurance Policy. Should you sustain an injury at camp, you must declare this to your employer immediately.


In the instance an exam is scheduled by your school or university which prevents your ability to commence employment with a camp you have been placed with, the Company will:

  • Attempt to negotiate a later start date with the camp you have been placed with.  


  • Attempt to re-place you with another camp who can accommodate a later start date.  


  • Offer the opportunity to defer your application to the following summer (no further fees payable to the Company). 


  • Refund the programme fees which have been paid by the customer to the Company*.   

 *Refunds will not include any fees which were not paid directly to the Company. Any fees paid toward police checks or embassy fees are non-refundable once paid.

The Company must be informed before April 1st of the application year by the customer that a scheduled exam will impact any scheduled start dates in order for the Exam Guarantee to come into effect. Customer’s can inform the Company by emailing

The Company reserves the right to withhold any refunds until the customer is able to provide proof of the scheduled exam.


Your placement will take place between May and August and will be approximately 9 weeks long during this period. Every camp has slightly different start and finish placement dates.

If you reject more than one placement offered to you by a camp which matches the preferences outlined on your application form, the Company reserves the right to treat your application as cancelled, and apply the relevant cancellation fee listed above (€100 if accepted but not placed).


As a camp counsellor participant, you fully understand that you will need to give up a great deal of privacy and comfort, work long and demanding hours and must adhere to camp policies which may be limiting and not necessarily reflect your way of living (curfews, sleeping/living conditions, type of food provided, time on/off, no smoking, no alcohol, inappropriate behaviour etc.) You also understand that this programme requires a lot of independence and self-motivation. You may be required to live/teach on your own, live in rustic conditions, and be flexible and willing to adapt to changes as they occur.

Failure to complete your placement with your camp, for any reason, may result in the cancellation of your J-1 visa.

You understand that each camp has unique policies, living conditions and norms. Refusal to conform to these policies will likely lead to dismissal or early departure, and you will be responsible for paying any remaining portion of the programme fee. Should you be dismissed by your camp, you must contact the visa Sponsor immediately. By signing up to this programme, you confirm that:

  • you will be at least 18 years of age by June 1st
  • know of no reason why you would not be permitted entry to the United states.
  • Know of no reason you would be deemed unsuitable to work directly with children.
  • You do not have any recorded criminal history not disclosed to the company during your application.
  • That you have read, understood and agree to abide by the terms, conditions and rules as detailed above.

12. Camp USA Win your place back competition

From this point forward, GenTAO Limited trading as "USIT" will be referred to as USIT. All bookings made from 1st June 2023 to 30th November 2023 will be eligible for the free place offer. The prize is one free Camp USA program. To be eligible for the prize, you will need to book your Camp USA program between the dates listed above.

USIT will randomly draw one name and notify the customer via email by the 10th November. The winner agrees to participate in such reasonable publicity as may be requested by USIT. The winner will be announced on social media (stating first name of the winner). USIT has the right to select alternative winners if the winner cannot be contacted within 48 hours of the announcement of the winner.

USIT reserves the right to withdraw or amend this competition in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside its reasonable control with no liabilities to any entrants, the winner or a third party.

Prize(s) will be described on the post published to promote the competition and is non-transferable. There is no cash or other prize alternative. In the event of cancellations, there will not be a refund of the prize value. No cash in lieu.

The winner will be refunded by USIT any funds you have paid to USIT for your Camp USA program. All other costs associated with the program (including embassy costs, flights, etc.) will not be covered by USIT.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter, and release Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter of any and all liability in relation to this promotion. You are providing your information to the USIT and not to Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Twitter.

USIT are not liable for any loss, damage or injury that might occur to the winner resulting from his or her acceptance of the promotion or prize.

Decisions of USIT are final. Any additional correspondence will not be entered into on behalf of the Promoters USIT.

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