Local Living Ecuador—Amazon Jungle

About Local Living Ecuador—Amazon Jungle

The Amazon Rainforest is so full of life; embrace it for yourself during a week unlike any other. From Quito, you’ll travel to your new home in the jungle and meet the Quichua family who will host you in their village for the next four nights. Discover waterfalls on jungle walks and travel to an animal rescue centre by canoe. You’ll learn about medicinal plants and how to use a blowgun, experience a shaman ceremony, and walk to a jungle waterfall. Most importantly, you’ll befriend people few outsiders have the honour to even meet.
Group Size
Max 16, Avg 10
4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners
Local bus, motorized canoe, pickup truck, walking.
Rustic jungle lodge (4 nights), hotel (2 nights).
Your G for Good Moment: Shandia Biking & Community Experience, Shandia Your Welcome Moment: Meet Your CEO and Group Your Local Living Moment: Amazon Jungle Experience, Tena Your Wellness Moment: Mud Mask Therapy, Tena Your Foodie Moment: Chocolate Culinary Experience, Tena Your Hands-On Moment: Blowgun Contest and Demo, Tena
Visit to amaZOOnico Animal Rescue Centre
Walks to a viewpoint and a waterfall
Medicinal plants jungle walk
Shamanic ceremony
Cultural night including a jungle marriage ceremony
Transport between destinations and included activities.