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Work and travel in the USA

The connection between Ireland and the USA is strong. And this is reflected in the number of opportunities Irish passport holders have to experience life in the States.

J1, camp, grad, trainee or intern... USIT has 5 ways to make it in America.

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Why work and travel in the USA?

There’s a reason why the USA is the number one destination for USIT travellers. (Doughnuts, definitely the doughnuts). In your twenties, every summer can be spent working at camp – or on a J1 if you’re a student. And then after college, there’s the option to work for a year on a Grad USA visa – or longer on a Trainee USA visa if you're not a graduate. Like the coffee refills, the opportunities are endless. And working in America is a slam dunk for getting ahead in your studies or career, earning good money, and having the time of your life doing it.


Need to know before you go

Where to go

Big hitters like San Diego, NYC, Chicago, Boston, LA and San Francisco are popular places to live and work – especially when it comes to J1 summer jobs and grads looking for professional job openings on their Grad USA visa. But the good news is, whether you do summer camp, J1 or any of our professional internship programs – all America visas give you at least a 30-day grace period to travel around the States either before or after your job. Often both!

What it pays

What you earn in the USA depends on the program and your experience. As a first-timer at summer camp, you’ll earn one of the highest salaries – USD $2,000 with meals and accommodation included. For J1, the hourly rate differs per state, but out J1 summer employers usually pay between USD $10-18/hour - often with discounted staff accommodation and tips. For our professional internship programs, there is uncapped earning potential.

When to go

In line with Ireland’s summer holidays (albeit with a lot more sun), Summer Camp USA and J1 run between Jun-Sep. But Irish passport holders get the best of both worlds, with our Grad USA, Internship USA and Trainee USA programs operating year-round (within the visa window and rules). Giving you the chance to experience fairytale winters and russet autumns in the Fall – as well as much-needed all-American summers on the beach.

All USA Programs

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Guaranteed USA jobs

Number 1 for J1

The original J1 provider, a summer J1 is a rite of passage for Irish students. From San Diego to NYC, land the best summer jobs on our Job Hub.

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Upcoming Events

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Free virtual info event - Tue 22 Feb '24 @ 17:30

Work & travel Canada - Everything you need to know

Looking for a fresh start? The most liveable cities and the coolest ski resorts, Canada is the ultimate working holiday. Join our travel talk for the need to know on visas and how USIT helps you land a job before you go.

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Free virtual info event - Mon 26 Feb '24 @ 17:30

J1 USA with USIT - LAST CALL for summer '24

Your J1 ride or die, we’ve hollered around this rodeo a few times. For 65+ years in fact, so it’s fair to say we have this whole job thing covered. Log on to our virtual information session to learn more about USIT's famous J1 program and how you can start preparing now.

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Free virtual info event - Wed 28 Feb '24 @ 17:30

Camp USA - Everything you need to know

Spend your summer living, earning and having the time of your life as an Activity Specialist or Camp Counsellor in the USA. Job placement and new BFFs included. Join our travel talk for the need to know on visas and how USIT helps you land a job before you go.

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Free virtual info event - Mon 4 Mar '24 @ 17:30

Grad USA with USIT - Everything you need to know

Final year student or recent grad? You only have 12 months after finishing your degree to enter the USA on our 1-year Grad USA visa. In this free info session, we'll go through everything you need to know about who can go, how to apply and what positions you can do.

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