Cambodia Visa

Cambodia Visa

Cambodia has a lot to offer from enchanting landscapes, ancient temples, rich history to vibrant cities and beautiful beaches.

About the Cambodia Visa

If you’re planning a holiday visit to Cambodia, you will need to apply for a Cambodia Visa. The visa process is all completed online. Once your visa has been processed. You will receive a visa approval letter by registered email.

You will get your visa stamp upon arrival at one of the Cambodia International Airports. You must present the following documents to the Immigration Department Officers on arrival to receive the stamp: your passport, 2 passport regulation size photos and a printed copy of the visa approval letter.

More about this visa

Single Entry Visa

The Single Entry Visa only allows you to enter Cambodia ONCE during your visa validity. Once you leave Cambodia, your visa will automatically become invalid.

Validity Period

This visa is valid for 30 days from the actual date of entry into Cambodia. You must leave Cambodia after 30 days.

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