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About us

Who is USIT?

USIT is Ireland’s leading work abroad organisation. But who are the people behind the headsets? Why do they love travelling so much? And why do they keep wanting us to work on our holidays? It’s kind of a buzzkill, USIT.

Celebrating 65 years of exploring for longer by earning while we do it. Genius.

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A lower impact way to see the world, we believe that working abroad opens doors, connects cultures and challenges perspectives.


Our story

It was 1959. Hair was long, collars were wide, and beatles would never just be six-legged creepy crawlies again (although people still continued to scream and throw things at them). In Dublin, students at UCD and Trinity College wanted more from the world. They knew that crossing borders had the power to break down barriers and build cultural connections. So they chartered a plane to the USA, started running cultural exchanges, and with it – started USIT. Now, why the history lesson? Because 65 years later, this mission has never been truer for our team.


What we do

Ranging in duration from 3-24 months, USIT provides supported work, camp and intern abroad programs in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Whether you want to fund your summer at camp or on a J1 in the USA, bankroll your gap year or round the world with a working holiday visa, or advance your career with a professional internship or graduate visa – USIT has 65 years of experience making it happen.

How we help

The Swiss army knife of the work abroad world, we take care of everything you need to work overseas. Including processing or helping you apply for your work visa, finding a job or internship, bank account and tax number set-up, arrival orientation and more. We’re a licenced agent to issue USA, Australia and New Zealand visas – and provide full support to apply for all other work visas in the countries where we operate.

Who we are

All our team have worked the world. In fact, before we became professional visa whisperers and job finders, most of us were USIT customers. And continue to be. We must have the only job in the world where we’re regularly encouraged to quit (… to go travelling). Many of us return to camp or to do a J1 each year – coming home with even greater intel and stories to tell on where you can go and what you can do.

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Why book with USIT

Flexible payments and conditions

Secure your place on our programs with a lifetime low deposit, giving you time to save. And if you change your mind, we can move your deposit over to a new program – no awkward questions asked. T&Cs apply.

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Making it work

Introducing the USIT Job Hub

We get it, the fear of arriving into the unknown with just a backpack of barely clean washing and a dog-eared CV. On our online Job Hub, you can search and apply for hundreds of working holiday and J1 summer jobs with vetted employers in the USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

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Ask the experts

Book a call with USIT

Don’t call us, we’ll call you. All our USIT team have worked the world, so are here for real talk and authentic advice about where you can go and what you can do.

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