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Working holidays

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Earn money, grow your skills and fund your adventures with a working holiday in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Work when you want, travel when you want.

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Working holidays minus the work stress


Why do a working holiday?

Like a bad tribal tattoo. Or surviving freshers' week three times. A working holiday in Australia, New Zealand or Canada is a rite of passage for many Irish 18-30 somethings. It’s the chance to live abroad for an extended period, get overseas job experience and fund your travels with either casual work or career work. Or both. It’s your working holiday, work it your way.


Job access

All our working holidays have the option of an Essential or Ultimate package, which includes access to the USIT Job Hub. From server jobs in Sydney to construction jobs in Canada, you can apply for jobs with vetted employers - before you go, when you arrive and for the whole of your visa. For J1, select Guaranteed Jobs for the best pick of J1 jobs this side of summer.

Visa assistance

It’s rude to ask our age (we were founded in 1959, so *counts on fingers*...), but needless to say, we’ve galloped our way around this rodeo a few times. Our team are visa pros. Where the country allows it, we’ll apply and process the working holiday visa for you. And when it doesn’t, we’ll guide you through it with the correct forms, handbooks and step-by-step help.

Work essentials

All our working holiday packages include the essentials you need to work abroad. This typically includes medical or travel insurance, bank account and tax number set-up and a SIM card. Plus, if you select Essential or Ultimate - hostel nights, socials and in-person job and travel sessions to make friends, find a job, find a place (all of the above).

All Working holidays Programs

Often taken as part of a gap year or round the world, working holidays are extended trips where you’re permitted to stay longer than a tourist visa and undertake paid work. You’ll typically need to be 18-30 or 35, with no need to be a student. Depending on the country, you can usually stay for 1-2 years. Most working holidays are a one and done, where you’re only allowed one in your lifetime. The exception being Australia, where you can apply for a second working holiday visa by doing three months of specified regional work on your first visa.
Working holiday visas are a one-time window in your twenties to work abroad without the financial restrictions and employment red tape of sponsorship or emigration visas. It’s the chance to live in a new country and do casual, career or seasonal work such as ski seasons or fruitpicking to help fund your time there. Far from being seen as a stop gap between the academic world and the real world, employers love to see working holidays on a CV. It shows you have the confidence, maturity and motivation to work and travel abroad.
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Free virtual info event - Tue 22 Feb '24 @ 17:30

Work & travel Canada - Everything you need to know

Looking for a fresh start? The most liveable cities and the coolest ski resorts, Canada is the ultimate working holiday. Join our travel talk for the need to know on visas and how USIT helps you land a job before you go.

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Free virtual info event - Mon 26 Feb '24 @ 17:30

J1 USA with USIT - LAST CALL for summer '24

Your J1 ride or die, we’ve hollered around this rodeo a few times. For 65+ years in fact, so it’s fair to say we have this whole job thing covered. Log on to our virtual information session to learn more about USIT's famous J1 program and how you can start preparing now.

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Free virtual info event - Wed 28 Feb '24 @ 17:30

Camp USA - Everything you need to know

Spend your summer living, earning and having the time of your life as an Activity Specialist or Camp Counsellor in the USA. Job placement and new BFFs included. Join our travel talk for the need to know on visas and how USIT helps you land a job before you go.

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Free virtual info event - Mon 4 Mar '24 @ 17:30

Grad USA with USIT - Everything you need to know

Final year student or recent grad? You only have 12 months after finishing your degree to enter the USA on our 1-year Grad USA visa. In this free info session, we'll go through everything you need to know about who can go, how to apply and what positions you can do.

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