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The ultimate summer job

Summer camps

The saviour of summer jobs since 1959, get the ultimate summer job abroad with the camp experts. Earn $$, make a difference and explore America.

USIT has one of the highest first-time salaries and lowest program fees Book Camp USA

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Here's the pitch


Why summer camp?

There are two lots of people in the work abroad world. The people who’ve been to camp, and the people who need to sign up immediately for camp. Ask anyone who’s been (AKA, all our Camp USA team) and they’ll tell you that it’s their happy place. Like one big happy family – where everyone belongs and people return year after year to spend the summer working and travelling together. (Yep, sounds a lot like our family gatherings... *lies through teeth and curled up egg sandwiches*).

Earn money

With one of the highest first-time summer camp salaries (minimum USD $2,000) and meals and accommodation included at camp, a summer working as a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist will fund your summer living in America.

Make a difference

People often leave camp wondering who helped who. As an older sibling, role model and impromptu talent show costumer maker – you'll directly impact the lives of your campers. While also getting a CV crash course in leadership skills.

Explore America

Camp is a great way to travel and see more of the world – without having to take a year out or use up a working holiday visa. You’ll get 30 days at the end of your America visa to let your beach hair down and travel around the States.

All summer camps experiences

An all-American tradition, each summer children and teenagers from all over the USA attend camps for 1-8 weeks between Jun-Aug. A place for them to learn new activities, grow their skills and experience living away from home in the great outdoors – camps in America are seen as integral to a young person’s social development. Each year, Camp Directors hire 18-30 year olds from all over the world to work as Camp Counsellors, Activity Specialists and Disability Counsellors.
Camp is the opportunity for international students and travellers to experience living and working overseas in a supported environment – with training, meals and accommodation included. Working as a Camp Counsellor or Activity Specialist, you’ll help to shape the lives of your campers – while also developing your own communication and problem-solving skills. Great for your CV, bank account and social life – you’ll earn a camp salary and make life-long friends from all over the world.
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