Volunteer Abroad – USIT’s Volunteer Nepal Programme

USIT offers tailored volunteer abroad programmes in several countries including Nepal, India, Ghana, and Thailand. Volunteers can work in a range of areas including community development, education, volunteering in a healthcare environment or on a construction project. There are a variety of options for you to choose from. Eve Garland & Orla Lynch, both from Dublin, recently participated in USIT’s Volunteer Nepal programme, find out about the programme and their experience.

Nepal is the biggest and most popular volunteer abroad destination available through USIT.  Volunteers live and work in the city of Kathmandu while on their placement.  There are over 50 project sites in the area of Kathmandu alone, and participants volunteer on projects across seven volunteer abroad project categories.

“I looked up lots of agencies and met with different ones and discovered that USIT were the most involved and helpful in their projects.   After deciding on Nepal, the Earthquake disasters occurred. I feared the earthquakes would put an end to my dream [of volunteering abroad in Nepal].  After the disasters, this made me want to go and help these brave people even more. After confirmation that we could travel the dream began.”

Volunteer abroad Nepal programme participants stay in a typical Nepali Volunteer house complete with modern amenities including free internet, a recreational room, hot water, laundry facilities and a television with a satellite connection. Rooms are shared with up to four volunteer abroad programme participants.

Festival of the Lights parade

Parade during Festival of Lights

“Upon Arrival in the airport at Nepal we were greeted by our driver and we were brought to spend our first night in the Volunteer house.   There were 4 other new arrivals that day and there were 8 volunteers who had all been there for different lengths of time.   We were lucky at the time of year we arrived as there was the Festival of the Lights (Tihar Festival) taking place which was an amazing experience and which allowed us to settle into our new surroundings and adjust to what was to be our new home for the next 12 weeks”


Volunteer Abroad Nepal Projects

Projects available on the volunteer abroad Nepal programme are:

  • Women Empowerment
  • Childcare
  • Teaching
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Renovation/Construction
  • Healthcare
  • Sports

“My project was at the Milkyway School and after 12 weeks I discovered that nothing I could have ever taught these children could ever come close to the lessons they taught me.  Most days we played with the younger children and helped them learn their ABC’s and 123’s. The older children were more willing to learn and interested in learning about the countries the volunteers came from. We often played hangman or word games to help them broaden their vocabulary.  We played football and memory games at lunch time and often after school hours before the children were collected by their parents.”

IMG_4659Volunteer Abroad – What to Expect

Working as a volunteer in Nepal gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture in the heart of Nepal. Participants have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the local people and at the same time to learn about local customs and cultures, and take in the history and sights of the surrounding areas.

“You also get plenty of free time to visit the temples of Nepal and other historical sites.  You can visit other parts of Nepal and are never restricted.  The staff in the Volunteer house are very helpful and there is plenty of fun to be had.  You can wander the streets aimlessly and meet the locals, eat and drink the local food and learn the local culture.  The people here are amazing and your time goes by so quickly so embrace it, enjoy it and take in everything around you.”

IMG_4651Eve and Orla participated on the volunteer abroad Nepal programme, staying for twelve weeks. We asked them to tell us what they learned from the volunteering abroad experience and what the highlight of the trip was.

“To see the kindness of the Nepalese people after such tragedy has touched our hearts, in particular when my friend and I got lost in the national forest and we were taken in and fed, watered and given a bed to sleep in by people who had nothing and had lost everything in the earthquake. Such kindness and humbleness will never be forgotten and will be taken with us for the rest of our lives.”

Does volunteering abroad sound like something that might appeal to you? Learn more about the volunteer abroad Nepal program, find out about USIT’s other volunteer abroad locations, or for further information please contact: aoife.murray@usit.ie or call 01 602 1742!