5 Alternative InterRailing Final Stops

Many a wise man has once said in order to get the most out of something you should ‘save the best until last’. Whether that’s leaving the best looking chicken wing until the end, eating around the core of a HB Feast or using it as your excuse for a woeful performance at anything athletic, it’s never let us down. Well, this is a summer where you should certainly take heed of this advice when it comes to your InterRailing swansong.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t end up in Budapest or Athens but if you want to finish up somewhere a bit different then we’ve taken on board the experiences of hundreds of USIT InterRailers with 6 Alternative Final Stops…

Zadar, Croatia

Zadar, tell someone you’ve returned from here and they might wonder how you become an interstellar passenger. What a cool name for a city, sounds like where Superman would holiday! A little closer to home than through a Black Hole, this Croatian hot spot is not going to be on an alternative InterRailing list for much longer.

Spend the final few days of an unforgettable but tiring adventure chilling next to the lapping waves of the Adriatic, watching some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe and exploring the picture perfect city itself. Zadar is easily one of our favourite places in Europe. It’s such a relaxing and friendly place plus the food is to die for. A blissful end to a brilliant summer we reckon, can’t go wrong.


Bucharest, Romania


After weeks of partying and exploring Europe there’s always the danger that you’ve gone a little top heavy with your budget and there’s not that much left. No need to panic, Bucharest is listed as the 2nd Cheapest European City in 2016 meaning you can still have a massive blowout before the flight home.

Soaring above a troubled recent past, Bucharest’s tourism industry is now booming having risen from Communist power, culminating in Romania becoming a full EU member in 2007. The remnants of Communist Bucharest remain, with some, ahem, rather uninspiring architecture. What results is not conventional beauty, but there is a beauty nonetheless. It’s got a vibrant young population keen to leave behind past perceptions and did we mention how bloody cheap it is?!  A pint is about €1.70, that’s how cheap!

Sofia, Bulgaria

SofiaFor a less obvious reason, Bulgaria is another fantastic and progressive European country struggling to break free from an undeserving reputation. Don’t feel bad for Sofia though, this is blindingly good news for your last InterRailing pit stop and another city where your money will stretch far and wide.

Because Sofia is a lesser known travel destination, the locals make you feel so welcome and are so helpful, friendly and interesting. A number of the city tours are free and an air of pride sweeps through each street. You’ll find yourself caught up in it and it’ll probably make you want to come back again.

Stockholm, Sweden


Personally speaking, I’ve now been to Stockholm five times and for a very good reason – I absolutely LOVE the place! Spread out over 7 different islands, Sweden’s capital is an ultra modern, ultra clean, ultra fun place to spend a few days. It’s not a typical InterRailing route climax owing to it’s northerly location but that’s exactly why it makes our list.

Maybe you’re apprehensive because you want to end your adventure under a baking hot sun and think Stockholm won’t provide. Trust me it will, the temperature in August/September regularly tops 30 degrees. The only caveat to be aware of if you want to finish up in the Nordics is that it’s a lot more expensive than some other options. However, if that’t not an issue for you, then a city full of natural beauty and a buzzing nightlife awaits you.

Ios, Greece

Ok, ok I have to admit that this is cheating. You’ve been loving weeks of exploring Europe but one thing has perhaps started to irritate…the constant trains! This is why I propose you ditching the tracks (we won’t judge you) and taking to the air for your final stop, the Greek Island of Ios.


You’ll be a stones throw from Asia by the time you arrive in Ios. A good stint by anyone’s standards. Ios is jam packed full of pristine (often practically deserted) beaches, perfectly blue sea and the type of sun that would give a farmer’s son from Roscommon a bronzed glow. There’s also, wait for it, a bit of an Ibiza vibe on Ios with loads of clubs and beach parties to enjoy. End of summer InterRailing blowout? Check!

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