Breaking the Ibiza Stereotype: 30 Reasons To Go When You’re 30

It can be hard for the real beauty of the famed Balearic Island to be seen next to all huge nightclubs, monster parties and general madness that engulfs parts of Ibiza pretty much round the clock. USIT holidaymaker, Lisa and her five friends were determined to have the best of both on Ibiza and have a holiday that offers everything a 30-year old wants from a getaway. It went pretty damn well too…

Ibiza 3

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“Are you not a bit old to be going to Ibiza?”…. A question posed by one too many people ahead of our girls’ holiday to the infamous party island. And I have to admit, it was a question I had asked myself several times in the lead up to the trip as images of Ibiza uncovered flashed through my head.

Drugs wouldn’t be on our agenda – so we were really hoping Ibiza had a bit more to offer than just a hard core party scene. And it did not disappoint! The one sentiment I would come away from the holiday with is that Ibiza really does have something for everybody. If you want to party – you have access to some of the best parties in the world; if you want to chill there are beautiful beaches, guaranteed sunshine and a vast range of fabulous restaurants to choose from. 

We stayed in Playa den Bossa – which I would highly recommend. We were only a 10 minute drive from the airport and stayed in a pretty family orientated apartment complex – Edificio Bossa Sol. Having said that, Playa d’en Bossa houses a number of the super clubs and is only a short taxi ride away from Ibiza Old Town, Saint Elucia and San Antonio. Our 3 bed apartment could not have been more perfect and only 5 steps down from our shared pool was the main beach. We had a 3-minute walk to the local shop which meant self-catering rolls and crisps on the balcony for lunch.

Another concern before arriving was the perceived amount of money we were going to burn through in the 10 days. And yes, to a degree, Ibiza is not a cheap place to holiday. Superclubs have a cover charge of €60 in on big nights and drinks start from €15 a pop. 

Ibiza 7

However – you have to look at these clubs as an entry to a gig and with Tinie Tempah and Martin Solveig playing Pascha on our first night to David Guetta rocking the Ushuaia Hotel – it was worth every penny! Pre-drink bottles of vodka and gin in the local supermarket were cheaper than at home and with the clubs not kicking off until 2am – we got through enough to not have to fork out behind the bar.

Being in a group of 6 also really aided the budget. We had a “kitty” going from day one, and everyone threw in €100 a day – which saw us right through. On the nights we didn’t party – the leftover funds went to the following nights antics. It also helped in terms of splitting taxi fares – although there is a serviced “disco” bus that goes from the centre of Playa d’en Bossa, stopping at all the super clubs along the route. Food wise – you are pretty much looking at normal Spanish prices. We had plenty of tapas meals and bottles of Cava throughout the trip that didn’t break the bank.

My only real complaint after my 10 days there – was that we did not get to do it all. There was a paint party, a cabaret night, a sunset meal and a trip to Nikki beach that we didn’t get to squeeze in. However, a return trip for Ibiza part 2 is already on the cards for next year…..

30 reasons to go to Ibiza when you are 30…….

  1. Sunshine – guaranteed sunshine with temperatures between 26-30 degrees. It does get a bit cooler at night
  2. Flight time – With a 3 hour Ryanair flight time you are laughing! Ibiza is a mini Vegas without the long haul!
  3. Euros – No cash conversion and ATM’s are plentiful.
  4. Something for everyone – Despite the fear of feeling old, couldn’t have been farther from the truth. However, hear that San Antonio might have that younger 6th year holiday vibe about it
  5. Beach – Beach on your doorstep. Watersports / banana boats and everything in between
  6. Pool – If sticking sand is not your thing, all hotels / apt complex along the beachfront seem to have a pool for chilling. Some of the hotels offer a resident DJ during the day
  7. Accommodation – Whilst accommodation is not necessarily cheap, we could not have been happier with our 3 bed apt in terms of location, space and comfort. We opted against a villa as it was out of budget and on reflection would have been a lot of effort transport wise – may have had to hire a car.
  8. Day trips – We caught a 40 minute ferry out to Formentara – a beautiful island with crystal blue water. We hired bikes on arrival and cycled to the beach, stopping at an idyllic seafood restaurant and had paella and cava whilst overlooking the sea.
  9. Pool parties – We hit up Ocean Beach pool party for €25. Everything you imagine a pool party to be and more… Drinks were surprisingly cheap (for Ibiza) with a vodka for €9.50. Great music, great vibes – included mermaid dancers, an oversized jaws and a water acrobatic act. You can pre-rent beds if you wish, but we just hung out in and by the pool.
  10. Super Clubs – Some of the biggest nightclubs going. Each club has its own “big” night – we experienced Pascha, Space and Ushuaia. Pricey entrance fee but worth it
  11. David Guetta – in Ushuaia hotel. Hands down the best gig I have ever been to.
  12. Morning Yoga – Despite good intentions, we didn’t quite avail of this. But there are free morning yoga classes on the beach if you do manage to get up for them…..
  13. Ibiza Old Town – A beautiful part of Ibiza that is definitely worth a visit. Great for some shopping, a few drinks, dining, or even just wandering around in the hopes of doing some celeb spotting.
  14. Bambuddah – Highly recommend this for dinner. A beautiful thai restaurant set on a hill-top surrounded by bamboos. Delicious food and a trendy bar. Suggest doing this a night you are not partying – get a late sitting of 10pm and head up for a few drinks in the bar first
  15. Tapas – Who doesn’t love tapas?!
  16.  Shopping – The old town is great for shopping – from typical small Spanish boutiques to designer stores – can spend a few hours wandering around.
  17. Celeb spotting – Whilst we didn’t quite spot any Hollywood A-listers (although they do tend to be floating around), we did dine beside and get photos taken with All Saints. Holiday made.
  18. Pre drinking – This is key. Booze in the local supermarket is cheaper than home and it is the only way to survive a big night out without bankrupting yourself
  19. No dress code – Another major plus. No heels were worn for the duration of the trip! However, anything goes – so if you do feel like getting dolled up there is certainly the opportunity to do so.
  20. Marina – The marina in the Old Town was so fabulous – we spent a couple of hours just wandering and ogling the outrageous yachts parked up, willing an invite on. Sadly, it did not happen
  21. Self-catering – Having a self-catering apartment gave us the opportunity to keep lunches cheap and cheerful on our balcony and to cook in one night if we wished (we didn’t bother – but we could have if we wanted to…..)
  22. Cava – And plenty of it
  23. Internal flights – If you need a wind down after the madness, internal flights to other areas of Spain are for nothing. I flew up to Madrid for the weekend for €40 one way.
  24. Wifi – For those who just cannot get through the day without letting social media know what a fantastic time you are having – wifi is everywhere – in all bars and restaurants.
  25. Beauty Salons – Treated myself to a bouncy blow-dry one of the days
  26. Lio’s Cabaret – Unfortunately, we could not get a booking – but it will be first on our hit list next time around! An alternative to a night out in the club – a fabulous cabaret restaurant in the heart of the marina. We stood outside envying the craic that seemed to be happening inside…..
  27. Music for all tastes – It is not just hardcore house. We enjoyed a trip down memory lane with All Saints. The commercial DJ’s such as Guetta and Avici play a brilliant set if you want a good dance.
  28. Transport – Taxis are plentiful and there is always the “disco bus” for €3.50 if you are looking to keep costs down
  29. Fellow party people – Ibiza is busy! Plenty of people to create the right atmosphere – packed clubs and buzzing restaurants
  30. An incomplete to-do list…… All the more reason to return.