Is This Game Of Thrones Best Set Location Yet? Exploring Muriola Beach, Spain

Northern Ireland, Malta, Croatia, Iceland, Morrocco – Five destinations whose popularity with tourists has exploded in recent years. It’s thanks in large part to the hordes of Game of Thrones fans wanting to visit the scene of Cerci’s Walk of shame in Dubrovnik or the site of Jon Snow & Ramsay Bolton’s epic ‘Battle of Bastards’ in Co.Down.

With Season 7, set to begin filming in October, HBO has seemingly created another sacred location for the show’s millions of fans (this guy included).

This time it’s Basque country of Northern Spain and to be honest, regardless of what is to transpire at Muriola Beach just outside the town of Barrika, these photos have shot it to the very top of our GoT bucket list. A hidden gem is about to emerge from the gloom, and how! Check it out…

There are plenty of rumours going around is to what purpose the beach will play in the show with some speculating that it’ll be the location where Daenerys’ monster fleet makes landfall. It’s probably not the worst shout considering hundreds of extras will be arriving on Muriola on Oct 5th!

One thing is for sure, HBO’s scouts have played an absolute blinder in finding such a beautiful and striking place to set up shop for Season 7.