Google Earth’s Updated Timelapses Will Amaze, Inspire and Scare You!

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Back in 2013, Google launched Timelapse, a global initiative collating ‘petabytes’ of images from satellites to illustrate how areas of the globe are changing over time. Pretty cool right?

Well, Google have just released the past four years of imagery, bring the timelapse up to date for the 33 years since 1984.


The ambition of the project is genuinely startling and yes, the ENTIRE planet has been mapped and accessible as a time lapse. The image quality does vary from place to place but Google have pulled out some of these astonishing highlights to you simply have to check out here.

The Rise Of Modern Day Metropolis’

  1. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2. Dalian, China

3. Beihai, China

4. Lagos, Nigeria

5. Miami, USA


  1. Alberta, Canada

2. Rondonia, Amazon, Brazil

3. Nuflo De Chavez, Brazil

Global Warming

 1. Aral Sea, Kazakhstan

2. Tibetan Plateau, Tibet

3. Columbia Glacier, Canada

4. Shirase Glacier, Antarctica

5. Northern Greenland

6.Razazza Lake, Iraq

Other Locations To Check Out

  1. Hong Kong International Airport

2. New York City, USA

3. Dublin, Ireland (obviously!)

4. Chiquicamata Mine, Chile

5. Amazon River, South America

Last But Not Least…

Have you ever heard of the Toshka Lakes in Eygpt? Astonishingly, they are represented in the future, the present and the past in Timelapse.

They were created due to a man-made redirection of water from Lake Nasser in the 1980’s and 90’s but without a direct flow of water they have since pretty much disappeared. Crazy.

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