Brilliant Infographic Shows What Each Country In The World Does Best!

They say that everybody is best at doing something, whether that’s playing football (Lionel Messi) or blowing Malteasers up in the air and catching them in your mouth (my cousin Adele). Can the same be said for a country?

Well, according to the guys over at, the answer is yes! They’ve trawled through endless amounts of data (which you can actually view here) to find what every country is best at.

The map below is split into nine categories ranging from positives like ‘Nicety’ and ‘Ecology’ to the unenviable ‘Nasty’ category (we’re looking at you Peru, Namibia and Honduras).



There’s a lot to take in, so here’s a few highlights, and lowlights:

Countries That’ll Make You Happy

  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Costa Rica
  • Rwanda
  • Spain
  • Puerto Rico
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Ireland


Countries That’ll Make You Sad

  • Togo
  • South Africa
  • Kazakhstan
  • Turkey
  • Swaziland


Countries That’ll Make You Angry

  • Jordan
  • Yemen
  • Eritrea
  • Somalia
  • Ethiopia


Countries That’ll Make You Wonder

  • Norway
  • Argentina
  • Belarus
  • Mongolia
  • Malaysia


We feel there are a few contentious ones in there. For example, Mongolia is definitely better at Throat Singing than uncovering Velociraptor fossils.

Also, we’d argue that Ireland is best at throwing a party (Although I can’t complain).

Just be thankful you’re not in El Salvador!