15 Places Planet Earth II Should Inspire Everyone To Visit At Least Once

The most stunning TV series ever made, no question.

Never has the natural beauty of our planet been transported into our homes more vividly or skillfully than what we’ve witnessed, jaws agape, for the last six weeks.

The gauntlet ran by marine iguanas exhilarated us, the snow leopard’s plight saddened us and the street hunting leopard astounded us. One of the biggest takeaways of Sir David Attenborough’s and the BBC’s masterpiece is the far corners of the planet that we’ve been inspired to see for ourselves, making sure we leave each one we visit in a better state of health than before.

Here are our Top 15 places to visit on the back of the series:

15. The Canadian Rockies (Dancing Bears)

Miles upon miles upon miles of unspoilt landscapes…and bears who like to get dowwwwwn. What more could you want?

14. Norfolk, UK (Harvest Mouse)

Maybe not the most exotic of locations to make our list but watching this adorable little Harvest Mouse evade an Owl just goes to show you that nature is all around us, and it’s incredible…

13. Yellowstone National Park, USA (Snow Bombing Foxes)

One of the crown jewels of the States and an absolute must on your end of summer J1 road trip. Having said that, you’re not going to be getting the snow that this fox ploughed through to get to his lunch.

12. The Himalayas, Northern India (Snow Leopards)

Not an adventure for the faint of heart or those who enjoy the finer things but the stunning wide shots of the Himalayas and the search for one of the world’s most elusive creatures was one of the most memorable sequences of the series.

11. The Atacama Desert, Namibia (Dancing Lizards & Hungry Lions)

We saw the Atacama, home to some of the world’s biggest sand dunes, thirsty beetles fond of an epic hike and dancing lizards hailing a cab. It’s hard to imagine anyone thought such a harsh landscape could support so much life.

It also showed how its life on the brink after the astounding lions v giraffe scene.

10. Jodhpur, India (Man & Monkey As One)

In the last of the series, we saw numerous examples of how co-existence with nature is not only possible but symbiotic. The monkeys are as well fed as wild animals get, leading to a baby boom and the city benefits hugely from the resulting tourism. Jodhpur, in perfect balance.

9. The Amazon Basin, Brazil (Dolphins, yes Dolphins!)

Dolphins in the rainforest? Don’t make us laugh…wait, what?! The capybara looking on while this killer of killers snares a caiman was all of us too. What an adventure this would be…

8. The Andes, Chile (Ice Skating Flamingos)

There were many unexpected laugh-out-loud moments during the series. These flamingos trying to negotiate a frozen lake high in the Andes was certainly one of them.

7. Papua New Guinea (The Bird Of Paradise)

Any single lads out there, take note; this bird has more game than you. It’s a fact.

6. Guatemala (Spider Monkeys)

Pulses were set racing during the third episode while a baby spider monkey nearly got a little too ambitious, climbing the high canopies of the rainforest. Luckily, his Mammy came to the rescue, showing off the beauty of this far-flung oasis in the process. Want to travel off the beaten track? Go here.

5. Okavango Delta, Botswana (Everything)

This is possibly the greatest opportunity out there to see animals in their natural habitat. A safari around Botswana is basically going to a Lion King theme park, excellent it’s real!

4. Singapore (A City That ‘Gets It’)

After the properly heartbreaking sequence of baby turtles being disorientated by the synthetic city lights and many meeting their devastating end, Planet Earth ended the series on a positive, inspiring note.

That note was Singapore. A city that has taken nature to its heart, realising the need to look after that which we share our planet with. The Supertree Grove should now be very high on your bucket list. As the foliage grows around these 50m high metal structures, it’ll only become more spectacular. Good job Singapore!

3. Isla Escudo de Veraguas, Panama (Swimming Sloths)

They can swim?! A new discovery uncovered during filming, the three-toed pygmy sloth was seriously special. They are one of the rarest and most critically endangered species on the planet. Visiting the surrounding habitat of Panama, to help, or even just to witness, is a very exciting prospect in 2017.

2. Madagascar (Indri Lemurs & ‘Invisible’ Geckos)

Quite how the Planet Earth team managed to find and film the leaf-tailed gecko is beyond our comprehension. That’s bad news if you want to see one for yourself and they camouflage themselves better than a GAA fan in Coppers during All-Ireland Final weekend.

A lot more noticeable but still elusive to catch a glimpse is the gorgeous Indri lemur which, like the gecko, is unique to Madagascar. However, even if seeing one is slim, as the saying goes, the journey is the destination and Madagascar is definitely a satisfying one whether you’re after either.


1. Fernandina Island, Galapagos (THAT Scene)

It was the most talked about sequence during the entire series, something your imagination could barely conceive as baby marine iguanas first minutes of life was to run for the continuation of it.

As a result, this has to be number one despite A LOT of people wanting nothing to do with those damn Racer Snakes. Still, if you’ve any resistance to our slithering friends then the Galapagos Islands is a cornerstone of the ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure.

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