[INFOGRAPHIC]: World Map Includes Top Attraction In Each Country

This is a great infographic for expanding your 2017 Bucket List!

Once the Christmas and New Year circus comes to an end, thoughts immediately turn to where to visit next year. With that in mind, VoucherCloud’s cool infographic below is going to really help you make a decision.

via VoucherCloud

Split into Historic (54), Natural (76), Religious (29) and Tourist (38) categories, the map covers all 197 countries.

The top attractions in certain countries, according to TripAdvisor, are rather unsurprising like Peru and Greece. However, there are a lot more surprises on here than you’d think (France & Ireland for starters!).

North & South America

Central Park beats the Grand Canyon while IguazuĀ Falls beats Christ the Redeemer


Thought it’d be the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben? Think again!

Asia & Oceania

Sydney Harbour, Taj Mahal and the Temples of Bagan are stand outs.

(h/t to ModernMet)