Five of 2017’s Soccer Camp USA Coaches On Their Assessment Days, Getting Hired and Dream Teams!

This is probably you’re last chance to spend the summer of 2017, surrounded by and involved in the sport you love, while seeing a huge amount of the United States.

Another hire this week as Ronan O’Shea breezed through our Cork Assessment Day

Already this week, we’ve offered contracts to Soccer Camp USA applicants in Cork and Limerick, with Dublin to follow this Thursday.

Worried about how you stack up against those already hired? We caught up with Anthony, Andrew, Chloe, Oisin and Liam after they were each offered that all important contract for the summer…

Congrats guys! So what attracted you to applying for the Soccer Camp USA Programme this summer?

Chloe: I am currently studying Soccer Coaching in Pearse College, Crumlin. Gary from USIT came into our college to talk about his own experience of coaching Soccer in the USA. He talked about a typical day of coaching and what would be involved, staying with host families and how they are so welcoming and also the advantages of coaching in the USA. He said to take the opportunity with both hands so ever since then I was determined to be successful. 

Andrew:  The soccer camp USA programme got my attention cause its very popular camp in the USA and Canada, you get to travel around your favourite states in the USA.

Liam: I love coaching football and when an opportunity to go to America to coach football popped up on Facebook,  how could I say no? 

Anthony: I was attracted to applying for the Summer Camp USA programme after seeing a sponsor on it on Facebook and reading all the information regarding what I would do while taking part in the Camp. The attending of these camps in the USA were too good to turn down!

How did you find the process of applying and taking part in the Assessment Day?

Andrew: I found applying process very straight forward it was also every detailed and the Assessment day was very interesting, felt comfortable good environment , fun and happy.  I got to meet new people , everyone had good personality and helped each other like a team.

Liam: I found the process of applying smooth and got a quick response. The day of assessment was a good day and I learned a lot as a result. 

Oisin: The assessment day went a lot smoother then I thought it would. It was relatively easy to apply for and a great chance to meet and talk to other potential coaches.

Chloe: I was really nervous as to whether I’d be successful or not in getting a contract. But when I got there, the staff and coaches were amazing and they went through the application process step by step. They first gave us an insight into coaching in the US. We then filled out some paper work, and we went out onto the pitch. I had a coaching session planned and I gave it my all, and by the end of the assessment day I learned that I was successful in getting a contract.

Describe what football means to you in three words?

Andrew: Football is life!

Oisin: Joy, passion, play.

Chloe: It means everything.

Anthony: Fun, Expressive and Artistic

Where are you hoping to be able to coach in the summer?

Oisin: I will be coaching in Baltimore, Maryland.

Anthony: Already got contracted to work in Dallas. So I’m happy with that, looking forward to the heat!

Andrew: I want to coach in California.

Liam: I don’t really have a place where i was hoping to go. I just want to go and spread the nature of football

Chloe:  I will be coaching in Atlanta, Georgia. After my contract ends I have 30 days to travel to any location I want in the US so I hope to be travelling to Florida, visiting Orlando and Miami.

Who’s your favourite soccer coach in the world and why?

Oisin: It’s tough to pick one. I try to take different aspects from my favourite coaches like Pep Guardioula’s belief in his tactical system and Antonio Conte’s passionate but very disciplined system. I also admire Zidane and Ancelotti’s coolness and pragmatism as managers and Arsene Wenger’s belief in youth and a club philosophy.

Anthony: Sir Alex Ferguson, He was just born a winner and was direct with his style of play.

Chloe: My favourite soccer coach in the world would be Jurgen Klopp who manages Liverpool because of the way he engages with the fans of every club he has been at and the enthusiasm he transfers from the side line to the pitch. Although I am not a Liverpool fan!

Liam: My favorite coach in the world is Antonio Conte , I love his passion for the game and how he motivates his teams from the sideline. 

What are you hoping to get out of spending the summer in the US working in a sport you love?

Chloe:  I am hoping to establish and take action towards achieving goals, becoming more self-reliant as I will be away from home, to improve my performance as coach and also as a player, and gain even more knowledge about Soccer that I already have. I am hoping to make new friends, see more of the world, and over all to enjoy every moment and have the best experience of my life.

Oisin: . I’m sure I will enjoy every minute of the coaching, hopefully I’ll meet some great families and make many friends whether they be American or other coaches coming with me. And finally a tan.

What advice would you give to people thinking of applying for the programme?

Liam: Make sure to prepare well i.e have more than one drill to preform on the day as some else may have preformed that drill,  try to have fun and enjoy the experience. 

Oisin: So far everything has gone really well and I’m very excited to go in the summer so I’d say go for it I know I’d already be regretting it if I didn’t.

Chloe: If you love soccer, and you want a chance to explore and see the other side of the world, go for it. Don’t worry if you don’t have experience coaching, you can easily gain knowledge and experience. USIT and Challenger Sports prepares you in every way possible to get you ready to head to the US

Finally, the big one! what would be your dream XI of players, past or present you’d most want to coach?

Chloe: I would most want to coach Manchester United in 2008 because they won the Champions League. Ronaldo and Rooney had a great partnership together and also also Vidic and Ferdinand played unbelievable together.

Massive congrats and thanks to Andrew, Anthony, Chloe, Liam and Oisin on each securing a paid contract to the US this summer! We’re not jealous at all…

There are still a small number of contracts available to join the class of 2017 with our final Dublin Assessment Day taking place on the 16th Feb in Coolock. 

Got any questions about eligibility or remaining locations? Contact or call us on (01) 602 1906 for more!