J1 Employer Spotlight: WooHoo restaurant New Jersey

Think New Jersey and regrettably, you’ll instantly think of the abomination that was Jersey Shore, who’s cast and creators should frankly be taken to Geneva and put on trail for crimes against humanity!

Get Snooki, Pauly D and JWow out of your head right now! The fake tan and GTL ‘banter’ still haunts our dreams…

The reality TV show has done a huge injustice to the real Jersey Shore where the parties are better, the beaches are better and the locals are much, much better!

With that in mind we’ve get a great J1 summer job opportunity at The WooHoo’s restaurant New Jersey for anyone on the J1 basic programme.

Located minutes from the beach you’ll have the opportunity to experience American culture either by New Haven’s unreal beach town which holds an amusement park, a water park, and food & wine festivals or make the most of a quick trip to the surrounding metropolis’ of Philadelphia, and New York City.

Woohoo’s is located in a tourism hot spot and you will working at the restaurant as a waitress, server or bartender over the summer.

Sound too good be to true? It almost is as there are only a few spaces available. Sign up for interviews on your J1 tracking account or if you haven’t signed up for a programme go to J1.online.ie