Luis Vargas’ TED Talk On Travel Is Everything You Need To Hear Today

If ever there was an idea worth spreading…

Luis Vargas TED Talk in Portland on 18 May 2017



Luis Vargas is a Mexican immigrant, moving to the US with his parents at the age of just 5. Struggling to find his own identity and heritage between two different cultures made Luis feel like ‘a citizen of nowhere’.

That sounds like something negative right? Wrong. It was this very feeling of being without a true home that inspired Luis love of travel from an early age.

The result is a 20-year adventure, working and travelling all over the world. Luis message is a simple one but a really powerful one – Travel more, buy less! Just watch it, it’s worth 16 minutes of your time.

“Invest in experiences, not more stuff”. Pretty thought-provoking right? There’s never enough time to explore it all but every day you waste, you can’t get back.