Warning: These 7 attractions will give you the rush of your life

Brace yourself, friends,  because we are about to show you the most dizzying and gravity-defying tourist attractions that you can actually travel to and visit in the world. Warning these attractions aren’t for those prone to getting sweaty palms at the mention of heights, because you’re going to have to make sure you’re hanging on tightly during these thrill rides.

From walking down a 50-meter building to hanging suspended over Las Vegas while being spun on a roller coaster, these crazy real tourist attractions are definitely going to give you a strong case of vertigo.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Love sledding in the winter? Why not try the reverse down Nicaragua’s hot and active, Cerro Negro Volcano! Considered one of the world’s most extreme sports, you’ll be clocked as you race down the volcano with only your feet as brakes. Don’t worry too much about being safe, a very attractive orange jumpsuit will cover your body and clothes while you wear those science goggles you had in grade school to protect your eyes.

Bolivia Urban Rush

Don’t look down! Oh well, I guess you kind of have to on this completely vertical attraction. Make your way down the side of a 50-meter building wearing an awesome superhero suit to show off your awesome Spiderman powers to walk on the side of buildings.

Toronto’s CN Tower EdgeWalk

To give you yet another reason to want to go see Canada, we’ve got this epic CN Tower EdgeWalk that lets you lean back into the cityscape of Toronto while you dangle hands-free by a thread! Okay, not really a thread, but a secure harness that lets you spread your arms out wide as you look down over the whole of Toronto.

Victoria Falls Gorge Swing

Swing over beautiful Victoria Fall’s beautiful gorge in Zambia, Africa. Known for having the Flying Fox, bungee jumping and two person gorge swings, Victoria Falls is just in general a thrill seekers paradise. You could probably spend all day in this area zip lining, swinging, bungee jumping and flying through the air to your inner thrillist’s hearts content.

Nepal’s Extreme Zipline

Streamline through the air on this insanely fast zip line in Nepal that’s been clocked to send travellers through the air at speeds as high as 140 kmph spanning a distance of 1850 meters.  Oh and don’t mind the 600-meter drop below you either as you zoom through the air, enjoying the sights of the surrounding jungle.

China’s Glass Walkway

Hope you’re not afraid of heights because of this almost all glass walkway just hanging off the side of a cliff in Tianmen Mountain, Zhangjiajie, China has been known to terrify tourists to the point where they lose the feeling in their legs and have to crawl across the bridge. Though it’s made some hilarious terrified tourist, contemplation videos, it’s a pretty unbelievable sight, offering the best views of China’s Mountains.

Las Vegas Insanity Ride

Roller coaster lovers will get a kick out of this ride. As if you weren’t already taking a gamble when you made the decision to travel to Las Vegas, the Insanity Ride takes you 900 feet over the city of Las Vegas and spins you round and round in circles. Feel free to spread your arms out wide, as the coaster spins you around and the city spins hundreds of feet below you.