PCT Visa Jobs: Taphandles Are Looking A Beer Artist in Seattle

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If combining your travel addiction and furthering your career sounds like a winning combination, you could do worse than checking out our latest featured role available with our PCT Visa on the West Coast.

Design Trainee @ Taphandles, Seattle

Do you ever find yourself oggling in wonder at those slick beer taps in your favourite bar? Taphandles are an innovative design and manufacturing company located in the great city of Seattle.

They’re looking for a Design trainee with experience in Adobe Suite, Keyshot and Rhino3D to join their team in a paid role (6-18 months)

On a typical day you will touch at least 2 projects, generating thumbnail sketches, digital renderings, and 3D Keyshot renders. You will have the opportunity to learn about our manufacturing capabilities such as metal machining, wood working, urethane casting, die-casting, injection moulding, electroplating, 3D printing, artwork decoration and more. You will also have the opportunity to assist in building prototypes
Must be eligible for the Professional Career Training programme through USIT ( graduated more than 1 year ago with at least 1 years’ experience in this field ).

This is a paid position, offered for 6-18 months in duration. Send your portfolio (<10Mb) and resume to recruitdesign@taphandles.com to apply.