NEW: The Best Way To Explore Beautiful Canada Is One Ticket Away – CANRail

Canada is simply enormous, in fact you could comfortably fit Ireland within its borders 118 times with a bit of room to spare (or an extra Kerry if you will).

Exploring 10,000,000 sq km of outlandish landscapes, sprawling cities and natural wonders is a daunting challenge. Challenge accepted and we’ve found the best, most affordable way to say “Canada? Completed it, mate”.

Launching today, Irish customers can now secure an InterRail-esque rail pass that’ll allow you cover the Canadian plains, stress-free and with the best view possible…

What is A CANRail Pass?

A remarkably similar travel option to InterRail, the entirety of the Canadian rail network is opened up to you with ONE PASS, allowing you to travel from Halifax in the East, to Vancouver and practically anywhere in between.

How does it all work?

The CANRail passes are broken down into two classes:

Corridor Pass

The Corridor pass is designed for passengers who want to explore one or two states in Canada eg between Ontario and Quebec. These passes start from €209 (youth discount if you’re under 26 years of age).

Network Pass

For those of you who want to dream bigger and take in the whole country, the System Pass is the one you want, allowing you 7, 10 or unlimited one-way journeys no matter how short or long. How’s this for an itinerary…

Everywhere from Halifax to Vancouver is accessible and included.

Want to win x2 CANRail Passes Worth Over €1,200?

View over a river through the Rocky Mountains, Banff, Canada

Who wouldn’t! Just head over to our booking page and enter with a couple of clicks. We’ll be announcing the winner on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat on 31/07/2017. Good luck and tell your friends!

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