Camp USA: How Marie Found The Perfect Summer At Camp Pencliffe, Maine

Camp USA: How Marie Found The Perfect Summer At Camp Pencliffe, Maine

Spending an entire summer getting paid to have fun, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the world is a little difficult to do justice in words. Your sense of adventure has kicked in, you’ve trusted your instinct and decided to #JustUSIT. Now comes the payoff…

For 2017 Summer Camp Counsellor, @MarieSalova her sense of adventure brought her to Camp USA and more specifically Camp Pinecliffe on the beautiful East coast. This is the story of her summer. It really is hard to sum up Camp USA better, thanks so much to @MarieSalova for sharing. Make sure you give her a follow on Instagram.

Hired in a Whirlwind and Jetting Off to Boston

I was hired at the first hiring fair in Dublin in the very first session admittedly knowing very little about what was to come. I went through all the orientations procedures and decided of some dates for my flights and finally got my health check done. As the date of departure was arriving a fellow counsellor set up a Facebook group chat for us where we shared all our concerns and goals for the summer to come.

We met at the airport by the gates. We joked about the summer ahead. Once in Boston we met Annie a CIEE representative, the same girl for the hiring fair in Dublin. She was telling us not to be nervous or scared but by this point, none of us were any more, we were all eager to get to camp and start the summer of a lifetime. We explore Boston that night with some serious jet lag. 

Settling in at Pinecliffe during a very special year

This year was Camp Pinecliffe’s 100th anniversary. The summer was filled with all sorts of special events, trips, and shows. So much happened during the summer that I could not tell you about it if I had another 100 years.

Once at Pinecliffe we worked with an amazing group of both staff and campers. The eight weeks to follow were filled with laughter and enjoyment. The work at camp never felt like a job.

Each day was special, each week had its own mood. We sang songs by the camp fire, we took a trip to Canada, we ate lobster for Pinecliffes birthday, we held sports events and socials, we worked with people from all over the world, we went to the funfair and we survived visiting day and alumni weekend. We had the most amazing view every morning and the best days off. We ate good food and enjoyed milk and cookies every night. The traditions at this camp will stay with me forever.

A Farewell Banquet And A Lifetime of Memories

As camp drew to a close, they host a banquet. Hundred acre wood was the theme for the night, the girls spoke about their summers at camp, their memories and friends. Their traditions and bunks. The director spoke about each age group, all the things the girl thought we didn’t know about. Spending the summer working with the eldest age group made this last night especially difficult as they knew their summers at Camp Pinecliffe had come to an end. In the dark we were filling jars with things that capture the essence of Pinecliffe, later the girls sat in a circle and confessed their camp secrets over last six to eight summers. They will forever be Pinecliffe girls. 

This photo was taken of the Irish staff prior to the final Banquet. We were dressed, like the girls, in all white. Wearing our special anniversary t-shirts. The amount of emotion that followed this photo is unbelievable and I would have never thought I would have something so special that makes saying goodbye so hard. Pinecliffe will forever hold a special place in my heart.All of this came before an unforgettable experience traveling along the east coast.

For this experience I will forever be grateful and would do it again in a heart beat.

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