Internship Visa: 8 Tips For Getting Hired In The US From Ireland

Internship Visa: 8 Tips For Getting Hired In The US From Ireland

If you’re reading this, there’s a massive likelihood you’ve been on a J1? That means another massive likelihood you had an unbelievable summer. This now means that you spend hours a day dreaming about going back to the US, tackling the streets of Manhattan or taking in the golden sunshine of the West Coast. You’re unsurprisingly not alone.

Did you know you can spend up to a year gaining work experience in the States BEFORE you graduate? The Internship Visa offers exactly that and only one hurdle stands in your way – getting hired!

Your Internship Visa needs to be tied to your undergraduate role. You might think it a mountain to climb to find the right position in the US from Ireland but we’ve got a stepladder…

Become a LinkedIn Ninja

The world’s digital hiring fair is the biggest and best tool in the history of recruitment. If you’re not on it, you need to be. If you are, you can always improve your profile to stand out.

Upload your college projects, link to any blog articles you’ve written online, share at one career-centric update a week and the biggest tip; find the professionals who need to have you as part of their organisation.

Update your Location Settings

This is a cute little LinkedIn hack but don’t think of it as being untruthful. If you’re planning on working in New York, update your location to New York.

Not only will you appear in recruiter searches but it will further enhance your profile and remove any logistical worries over your application.

Be Up Front And Assuring About Your Visa

The last thing any employer wants is to find the perfect candidate, a bright eyed, smart and passionate Irish intern only to get caught up in bureaucratic’s of your eligibility. CIEE are your sponsor, USIT are your visa partner and there are no stumbling blocks to you starting (once you get your SSN on arrival to the US). Tell them all this as soon as they show an interest in you.

Become a Networking God

Send emails, make enquiries, commit to making five phone calls. Even though that last one can be scary, the worst that can happen is you’re politely told no.  Prepare an introduction (roughly) and make it clear what you’re looking for.

It’s a little more difficult to network without meeting people face-to-face but Skype is your friend and suggesting a video call is the next best thing to catching an employers attention.

Your Irish Charm Is Priceless

A commong theme young Irish professionals working the States keep on pointing back to you, is the massive natural advantage of being Irish. Our stock is sky high both professionally and personally. Your Irish charm is a tangible tool at your disposal and every chance you get to show this, do. Just look at Erika and Aidan!

CV’s are Too Long, Make A Resumé

Attention spans have never been shorter. Hey look at this crazy pigeon! No, focus.

A two-page CV is acceptable in Europe but in the US they only have time for a one-page highlight reel. Here’s how to create one.

Make Your ‘Dreamlist’ Of Companies. Follow Them, Then Expand It

You’re an aspiring digital marketer, crazy about fitness. Get following Nike, Reebok, Fitbit, the NBA. Now expand that based on LinkedIn and Glassdoor suggestions. Refine your list, set realistic expectations and begin Tip #4 having completed Tip #1.

Check Out These Websites

The best websites we know of, listing attainable US internships all over the country (aside from the two mentioned above).

Keep An Eye On Our Employer Spotlights

What kind of visa partners would we be if we didn’t keep our ear to the ground with some of the very best internship opportunities in the States? Each of our Employer Spotlights focuses in on US firms specifically receptive to Irish applicants. Here’s some of the latest available.

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