Teach NZ: Kiwi Teacher Shortage ‘In Crisis’ With Recruitment Drive Coming to Dublin

Despite having the greatest rugby team ever to play the game, impossibly beautiful landscapes, great healthcare and one of the world’s highest standards of living (3rd), New Zealand has a problem. The teaching shortage in NZ has now officially become ‘ a crisis’.

According to Newshub’s recent survey, 85% of NZ high-school principles have said they have had to make compromises as a result of staffing shortages resulting in some teachers covering subjects outside of their qualification. Further to this, one in five secondary level schools have had to axe a subject due to the severity of the skills shortage! The issue doesn’t seem to be confined to the secondary sector either with the supply of qualified primary school teachers also considered to be ‘in crisis’.

It’s gotten to the stage now where the NZ government is proposing to completely write off student debt of New Zealand students in the process of qualifying as a teacher. The problem for New Zealand and particularly, Auckland is they need teachers now.

Back in January, we launched our Teach New Zealand Visa Programme, providing Irish qualified teachers access to the resources and contacts needed to leave for a Working Holiday in New Zealand with job security. Such has been the continued dearth of homegrown teaching talent, we’ve been inundated with requests from primary and secondary schools across NZ specifically looking for Irish teaching graduates. Opportunities like this don’t come around too often.

Teach NZ: Virtual Hiring Fair, USIT Dublin

As a result of the huge area of opportunity for Irish teachers to spend a truly unforgettable year in The Land of the Long Cloud, we’re announcing the launch of a week-long Virtual Hiring Fair this October.

NZ schools are looking for predominantly secondary school qualified teachers across English, Maths, Science, Metalwork, Accounting, Digital subjects and more and will be interviewing Irish candidates remotely the week of the 16th October.

Interested in finding out more? Sign up to our Virtual Hiring Fair or email us info@usit.ie.


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