Welcome, To The Real World! Best Work & Travel Options For 2017 Graduates

Bring forth the silly hats! It’s time to bask in your own glory, soak up the plaudits and embrace the opportunities as graduation season in Ireland is soon to begin.

Graduate program? A year out to travel? A Working Holiday abroad? Volunteering? A Graduate Visa? There are a lot of options open to new Irish graduates and this list doesn’t even include retreating to the couch for a Rick and Morty marathon (surprisingly it’s not the best use of your time).

A lot of new graduates don’t actually realise the sheer width and breadth of what is available beyond our little island so allow us to point you in the direction of some travel-inspired paths…

The One Year USA Graduate Visa

This programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Irish grads, you can get a visa for one year to live and work in the US. It’s an entirely unique visa agreement between ourselves and the States (which we hope continues into 2018 and beyond).

With 12 months eligibility from your graduation date, it’s usually an opportunity that affords you plenty of time to consider the merits of although the storm cloud on the horizon is yet to dissipate with the Trump administration placing the program under review for next year and beyond.

What’s not in question, however, is the chance to go before the end of 2017 and the fact that having international experience, in any capacity, gives graduates an edge when job hunting and later on in their careers but this is especially true when talking about the US.  

Canada Work and Lodge Program

As if a two-year visa to work and live in Canada wasn’t alluring enough, we have recently launched the Work and Lodge Program with hospitality jobs AND free accommodation as part of the package!  The jobs are based in ski resort locations such as Whistler, Banff and Edmonton where you’ll surround yourself with scenery like this…

The Canada Work and Lodge programme is a great option for grads because they can start their two-year adventure knowing they have a service job lined up for a few months with no rent to pay and then after their contract is up they still have loads of time left on their visa to work in the bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto.  Here they can get career focused jobs and experience something completely different.

For more information head over to our dedicated Canada section of the site.

New Zealand Teaching Shortage Presents Huge Opportunity For Irish Graduates

As we reported last week, New Zealand’s teaching shortage is now officially ‘a crisis’ as 85% of schools have been affected by a lack of qualified primary and secondary teachers.

A number of teaching jobs in this spectacularly beautiful part of the world is genuinely staggering right now, particularly in Auckland and Wellington (you could do worse!). Vacant positions are available as early as Jan 2018, with USIT providing a one-stop shop for everything from your visa processing, insurance, flights and job interviews.

In fact this October 16th, we will be holding a Virtual Recruitment Fair for jobs in Maths, Science, English, Accounting, Tech and more.

With much of the teaching practice in New Zealand recognised towards our own Teaching Council requirements, it’s an ideal opportunity for intrepid teachers to experience Working Abroad while still building up their teaching hours. Win, win!

Australia & NZ Working Holidays Still As Popular As Ever

You won’t need us to tell you both remain really popular destinations for young Irish graduates and show no signs of slowing down. There are numerous advantages to taking a year out and living in countries that consistently dominate in world rankings of the best places to live. You gain international work experience, meet people you may not ordinarily meet, discover a new way of doing things and of course get a lot more sunshine.

Sydney has returned to the top destination for Irish travellers on Working Holiday Visas following the surge in Irish moving to the west coast, while Melbourne was voted the World’s Most Liveable City in 2016. Irish labourers are also flocking back to Western Australia now that the mining industry has seen a 72% increase in jobs this year.

Visa applications are far more straightforward than entering the US, with both skilled and non-skilled labour widely welcomed across the country meaning career opportunities outside the scope of third level education are viable options.

It’s worth saying that New Zealand’s visa application process is similarly accessible to Irish of any background between 18-30.

Soccer Academy USA – Become A Paid Coach Stateside

This nine-month soccer coaching programme launched last year has come on the back of the hugely successful summer ‘Coach Soccer USA Programme’. It is open to anyone with a degree in Physical Education, Sports Science or other related qualification up to the age of 30.

What’s most exciting is the fact that the States are finally ‘getting’ soccer (we’re working on updating the vernacular to football!). It’s the second most participated underage sports in America in 2017, they just need the coaches to take them to the next level.

Soccer coaches are contracted in February for up to 9 months to work across the US. They are contracted for 30 hours per week which includes a mix of coaching young soccer teams as well as some promotional tasks. A unique facet of the programme is the opportunity to stay with host families as you make your way across different states to different soccer camps. Aside from the obvious accommodation savings, many coaches say this is the best aspect of the entire experience!

Soccer Camp USA Coach @joemacruairi267 during his dream summer in Denver

Coaches, for both the summer Coach Soccer USA’ and Soccer Academy USA can get hired at any recruitment day nationwide in October. Interested? Check out our upcoming assessment dates in Dublin, Limerick, Sligo and Carlow. They’re free to register for!

International Volunteering

There’s no doubt that when you decide your next chapter is overseas, the opportunity to grow and learn more about the world and yourself is enormous. If getting out of your comfort zone, experiencing something entirely different while helping people with greater needs than yours is what you’re looking for after college, then you’ve found it here.

USIT work with volunteering partners across the globe, placing Irish volunteers in the likes of India, Thailand, Vietnam and Costa Rica. Projects range hugely from childcare and construction to animal conservation and teaching. Volunteering is probably more life-changing than any other, just ask Kate.

Now, you have these options in your back pocket go and celebrate your achievement in graduating! When all dies down, your sense of adventure will guide your next step. The most important thing is to #JustUSIT!

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