This Irishman’s US Road Trip Video Is The Best You’ll See All Year

We get A LOT of travel videos submitted to us on a regular basis. To be honest, we love seeing them as every traveler’s experience is very different and it allows us to relive some of our own biggest adventures. PLEASE don’t stop sending us in vids (use #JustUSIT) of your travels! Even though we can’t feature them all, travel is what we love and what we love seeing you do as much of it as possible.

We are the world’s most traveled country after all.

Every so often, we get one that leaves us pretty speechless. Enter Irish film undergraduate and all around talented sort, @benrogan who spent the summer of 2017 working in New York before setting off on the one road trip to rule them all.

New York > Denver > Salt Lake City > Vegas > Yosemite > San Fran > LA

In case you needed any further proof of how stunningly beautiful America is, this is worth 4 minutes of your life. Trust us!

Incredible job Ben, thanks for sending it in! We can’t wait to see the next one! Make sure you give @benrogan a follow on Instagram, Twitter and Vimeo. for more stunning travel videos like this one in NYC.