Want To Work Camp USA? There’s One Skill The Camps Want Most…Become a Lifeguard!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or somewhere with criminally poor internet coverage, you’ll know the past three weeks have seen us bring over 50 US Camps to Ireland to meet those of you dreaming of making one of them your home away from home this summer.

In short, many of them loved you which is why hundreds of you left the fair like this…

The Camps hire based upon a whole host of different skills from horse riding and tennis, to arts and trial leading. What we’ve learned though, is that there is one skill which makes the camps clamber over each other to convince you to join them…lifeguarding and watersports.

A huge part of the Camp USA life, revolves around being in the water and while the tennis courts, the high ropes and the hiking trails get their fair share of activity, the hub of every camp is the Lake! The lake is the centre of the camps universe with fun and safety being the nearest planets (terrible analogy but you get the idea).

Camp USA – A Summer Of A Lifetime Awaits

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Posted by USIT Ireland on Monday, January 22, 2018

Falling in love with the idea of spending your summer at Camp USA is something hitting record numbers of Irish students but not everyone is lucky enough to get a job.

Here are six reasons why adding ‘Qualified Lifeguard’ to your CV us a must starting with the obvious!

#1 – Irish Lifeguards are Camp USA Superheroes

Camps eyes light up when you walk into the room. Everybody wants you at their camp.

#2 – Becoming Qualified Internationally via Atlantic Coast Lifeguards Is Very Accessible

Two internationally recognised lifeguard courses – Beach Lifeguard and Pool Lifeguard are available across Ireland!

Check out Atlantic Coast Lifeguards latest training dates here.

Atlantic Coast Lifeguards Training Course

#3 – You’ll Have The Tools Needed To Save The Most Important Part Of Life…Life Itself

#4 – You Never Know When You Might Need It

On-duty is one thing but what about when you’re at the beach or on holiday? People can get into difficulty at any time and if they do, you’ll know how to put what you know into action – hopefully you never need to, but why wouldn’t you want the skills?

#5 – What You Learn Is Valuable Out Of The Water

Becoming qualified lifeguard also recognises you with CPR. AED and Emergency First Aid at Work qualifications which can be critcally needed in any situation.

#6 – It’s A Huge Plus On Any CV, Whether For Camp Or Not

Actions speak louder than words. With this on your CV, it makes you jump off the page as having an empathetic, caring and helpful nature in the extreme. This traits can be difficult to bring across in an interview for any job but they traits that are universally admired and appealing to any employer.

#7 – You’ll Turn Many Heads…

Let’s face it, lifeguards are in the same bracket as firefighters, musicians and athletes for being attractive…

#8 – Lifeguarding is a Globally Required And Desired Skill

Even in a landlocked country like Switzerland, they have LOTS of swimming pools! You can use the qualification literally anywhere.

#9 – Becoming a Bronzed God(ess) Is A Work Perk And A Half

Wear water resistant sunscreen please!

#10 – Adventure Will Hold No Fear

Whether your own trepidation or that of your friends, being educated, skilled and safe in the water allows you to maximise your fun and minimise your risk!

USIT Travel are proud partners and advocates of Atlantic Coast Lifeguards. Thinking about getting your qualification? Email Muirt O Cearnaigh at muirti@live.ie or call him on 086-2597688