If you’re thinking this is something got to do with J1 jobs and San Diego, you’d be right.

As many of you will be aware (if you aren’t by now where have you been?!), 2018 is seeing an unprecedented amount of J1 applicants wishing to spend their J1 summer in San Diego, California. As a result, our J1 Recruitment Team has maintained a huge focus in securing as many jobs in San Diego as is possible. However, if you haven’t been one of the lucky ones to secure an upcoming interview thus far, we strongly urge you to begin considering an alternative location for your J1.

We understand the desire to spend your J1 in San Diego is, for some reason, enormous. However, for the majority of you, holding out for a position in San Diego is now creating a significant risk to embarking on your J1 in the first place. San Diego is a much smaller city than the likes of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York or Chicago meaning suitable job opportunities are affected.

We are committed, as we have been for decades, to make this transformative and memorable summer happen for as many of you as we possibly can. For this reason, we are now actively recommending you to consider another J1 destination other than San Diego.

Further to this, we have recently secured up to 150 roles for J1 Premium members in Chicago, allowing J1ers the unique opportunity to work with your friends all summer! HSG will be in Dublin from 28th Feb – 2nd March and we would strongly urge you to take advantage of this by registering for these roles via your tracking account. This is not to mention the availability of roles in Cape Cod, New York, Boston, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City and Denver.

Not sure whether Chicago is right for your J1 crew? Prepare to be persuaded..

For enquiries related to your J1 application you can contact our teams via the usual channels, email or call (01) 602 1667.