FINAL J1 Hiring Fair, 24th March – All You Need To Know

The J1 for 2018 is now into ‘Jonathan Sexton’ time (we’re making that a thing). Long story short, if it’s going to happen for you, it needs to happen very soon.

You may have seen last week that we’ve announced the FINAL J1 HIRING FAIR in the country on Saturday, 24th March with nearly 200 roles available to make your dream summer a reality. All this can still be yours. Here’s what you need to know…

Where are jobs available?

There are three amazing employers in some of the biggest cities in the US that are still looking for some Irish charm. I know what you’re thinking, but the answer is no – there are no more jobs available in San Diego. There is a handful in San Francisco but aside from that, the West Coast is just about booked up.

New York

Have you grown up in love with Central Park? If so, you’re going to love the chance to spend your working hours there. NYC Bike Rentals have over 30 positions available for the summer months, helping visitors get the very most out of the city.

With thousands of bikes and some tours included, your Irish charm will go along way in making other NYC visitors have as magical a time as yours!

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Boston, San Francisco & Seattle

You can do it put your back into it!

The Gentle Giant Moving Company is hiring for numerous positions on the East and West Coasts, namely in Brooklyn and San Francisco. If you’re worried about being more of a Ross Gellar than a Cian Healy, don’t be as it’s not confined to moving positions.

It’s worth mentioning that getting a role in your preferred destination isn’t an absolute guarantee but make sure you let him know of your preference before being hired.

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As you may have heard, our largest J1 employer HSG came all the way to Dublin a couple of weeks ago and left having hired a ton of J1ers to work in Windy City hospitality.

Turns out, they were so impressed by those of you who’ve already secured roles with them that they want to hire ANOTHER 20 staff for the busy summer period.

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Where is it on?

The Gresham Hotel will be our host on the 24th with individual slots being confirmed for each applicant once you’ve applied. Not sure where you’re going? Click here.

How do I register?

That’s the easiest part! Each of these roles are now available via your J1 Tracking account, listed as ‘Roadshow’. Click to apply and we’ll do the rest.

J1 Job Sorted!