1 Year Grad Visa – FAQs & Advice For The Class of 2018


Have you got questions about the One Year Graduate Visa? Don’t know when to go, where to intern or how much it will cost? Well, we’re here to answer all your questions and start you on the road to the best year of your life!

So, What is the ‘Graduate USA Visa’?

The Graduate USA Visa is a programme run between the Irish and US Governments. The goal of the programme is to promote cultural exchange between the two countries while giving Irish participants the opportunity to gain experience in a real life career based job. Irish graduates must participate in internships related to their field of study while participating in this program. Now this makes it a lot different from other visas like the J1 Summer Visa or the Canadian IEC visa. This Visa gives you the opportunity to explore a completely new city while working in a field you’re actually interested in!

Are You eligible?

The programme is open to final year students and recent graduates who are Irish citizens. Graduates must be studying a minimum Level 6 major academic award on the National Framework of Qualifications Ireland. If you have graduated in 2017 you must enter the US within 12 months of finishing your coursework. Not sure if that applies to you? Don’t worry, you can contact melanie.young@usit.ie and she will be able to give you all the relevant information.

What Kind of Internships Can You Get?

This is the only Irish programme left in the US that does not require you to secure a work placement or internship before travelling. This allows you to engage in the interview and selection process when you arrive in the USA. Any position gained in the US must be an internship, directly related to your field of study. The Visa will allow you 90 days to find a position after you arrive. You can also change employers, giving you the flexibility to move to a new location in the USA or gain experience with several organisations. Now, how appealing does that sound?!

Not convinced? Check out how Eleanore Hutch got on in New York and you definitely will be!

How Much Money Will You Need Starting Off?

The US State Department recommends that you have the equivalent of $2,000 when entering the USA. You will be required to show proof of funds via a recent bank statement as part of the interview process at the US embassy. So if you’re considering this programme and need to start making some cash dollah, then I suggest you get your ass to work! It really will be so worth it.

What Are The Most Popular Destinations?

The most popular destinations for participants are still New York and San Francisco. But Chicago, Austin Texas and Hawaii are growing in popularity!

We’ve also got an info night coming up on June 20th in The Imeprial Hotel in Cork at 6PM. Here you can ask all the questions that are rattling your brain about the programme!

If you’re interested in moving to the USA on the Grad Visa in 2018, visit our website or get in touch with melanie.young@usit.ie to start the application process.