12 Year Old Ballin’ in Bali

We’ve all gotten into arguments with our parents, right? BUT have you ever been so angry after that you steal your parents’ credit card to book a 4-day solo trip to Bali?! We didn’t think so!


Well one unidentified ballsy Australian 12 year old boy did, and he did it in true Home Alone style too. Kevin McCallister would have been seriously proud.

In an interview with Australia’s 9News, the boy, whose identity remains private but who is being referred to as “Drew”, simply said, “I wanted to go on an adventure”. He managed to book the trip through Jetstar Airways without needing parental consent. We don’t know if this is crazy impressive or if Jetstar should reevaluate their booking criteria…

Once the flights were booked off he went to pack his bags and then proceeded to hop on a train to get him to the airport. The get-up-and-go attitude Drew has is something we could all do with in our lives!

His parents were assured by the Australian Authorities that his passport would be flagged as soon as he tried to leave the country. However, even after his parents contacted the Australian Authorities to let them know about their situation, Drew still managed to sail through the the self check-in kiosk with only a student ID and his passport, then he continued to board the plane without a hitch.

“They just asked for my student ID and passport to prove that I’m over 12 and that I’m in secondary school,” he told A Current Affair. “It was great because I wanted to go on an adventure.”

Upon arriving in Bali he booked himself a lovely comfortable stay in the All Seasons hotel. He managed to do this by convincing the hotel receptionist that his sister was on her way. As any other 12 year old boy would do, Drew rented a motorbike, explored the white sandy beaches of Bali, ate in various different restaurants and even enjoyed some retail therapy by buying some nice souvenirs (hopefully some for his parents). He even told 9News that he drank a beer on the beach, despite him being 9 years under the legal age!

However, as all country fleeing stories go, they all come to an end. Unfortunately, for Drew it was his own social media posting that got him caught out. He posted a video of himself jumping into the hotel pool, which inevitably revealed his location.

After numerous unanswered phone calls from his parents the authorities soon chased Drew up. Drew, on the other hand was not going without a fight and even locked himself inside the hotel room. After some window unscrewing Drew’s Bali dream was coming to an end and the reality of facing his parents was around the corner. To no one’s surprise his mother was “disgusted” at his actions. As for the boy, he doesn’t think he’ll ever attempt a stunt like that again, “I know I’ll get in a lot of trouble next time,” he told 9News.

We can’t imagine how long Drew will be grounded for, or how many chores he’ll have to endure, but one thing we are certain about is that Drew didn’t regret one bit of that trip.

If that story doesn’t give you the motivation you need to book a trip away then we don’t know what will! What might tempt you is our Adventure Sale that’s happening right now. If Drew can do, you definitely can!




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