The 7 Triggers Of An Escape To Australia

If you’re anywhere from 19-30+ and living in Ireland, the chances are you’re already thinking of making a break for it and escaping to Australia. Nearly 75,000 of us (this has most likely increased ) have fled for the sunshine, laid back culture of Down Under in the last 5 years and it’s no wonder when most can relate to these triggers. Not only are people making the move for a new way of life, but to find job opportunities that you just can’t seem find here anymore.

Annoying ‘Check In’ Merchants

Not a day will pass without you finding a post on your newsfeed of a friend who is ‘living the good life’ somewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia. The picture updates are endless and usually accompanied by check-ins at famous Aussie locations. You’ll also get hit with images of them swimming with dolphins, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge or petting koalas and quokkas. Captions will often always include living the “tough life” and other b*llshit which only helps to increase your longing to be one of them. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or Snap, you are never far away from this trigger!

Watching Bondi Rescue and Realising Your Job Sucks

Your level of addiction to watching a bunch of attractive Aussies continuously saving lives, effortlessly flaunting their chiselled bronzed bodies and being general heroes may vary the amount of weekly triggers that hit you, but it’s definitely happened! Bondi Rescue (and obviously Home and Away) showcase Australian life being significantly better than life in Ireland in a lot of ways (maybe except the sharks though). It makes you realise that whether you’re getting paper cuts in the office, babysitting drunkards in a bar or faking politeness as you wait on a table of 12+ people, you can convince yourself that this would all be way more tolerable in Australia.

Bouncers Know You By Name

Getting pegged as a ‘regular’ in your go-to pint spots is perhaps the quickest way to instantly attain sobriety in Dublin City. When the bouncer smiles and remarks, “Hey Steve, how are ya?”, it’s not good as you’ve probably got to the stage where you’ll know (and have the fear around) every third person in Dublin’s most famous nightspot. You’ll immediately long for some anonymity and a fresh start in Aus.

Did You Think We Wouldn’t Mention The Weather?


Yep, definitely a daily trigger!

Googling ‘Oz Visas’ Without Realising

When the hours are melting away, surfing the web when you should be studying or working, you’ll invariably bump into some piece of content that makes you think of Australia. Maybe you haven’t seriously considered going but your curiosity will end up with you  scrolling through info on how to get a Working Holiday Visa. Your initial reaction is it doesn’t look as complicated as you’d think. Next step, speak to someone in the know. Why not one of our upcoming Work in Oz talks in Limerick, Dublin & Cork?

Family Pressure To Get Your Life Together

Getting yourself set up and out from under the family roof is bloody expensive in Ireland at the minute. Even if you’ve successfully managed it, you’ll still be getting the third degree from Mum & Dad at every given opportunity. You’re not ready to settle down despite their enquiries, you reassure them you didn’t get sucked into a Black Hole last weekend, and they ask you about your 5 and 10 year plans! It’s not ideal, it’s actually pretty stifling even though it’s well intentioned and you know that leaving for Australia is a step forward in your life, while still having the freedom to enjoy each day as opposed to planning for the next! A dramatic representation of how they think you’re doing…

The Sunday Night 7th Circle of Hell

Favourite part of the week? Plenty of people would say Friday afternoon but you can be sure everyone’s least favourite part of the week kicks in from about 6pm on Sunday. It’s around this point the dread of the next week kicks in and you frantically search Netflix for something to distract you from the impending reality of another Monday morning. This Circle of Hell is made much tougher by the fact that it’s most likely to be cold, raining and stressful. If you think this ritual is easier in Australia, you’re right…

You’ve Run Out Of Excuses Not To Go

Don’t get us wrong, a decision to emigrate isn’t an easy one to make and even the most confident of people will feel an element of fear and apprehension when packing the bags and saying bye to the Emerald Isle. Every time a pang of fear hits you, you start thinking of things that could go wrong. Whether this be with visas, apartments, jobs,  the spiders, you’ll convince yourself of a water tight excuse that drowns the fear. “I can’t afford to go”, “I need to stay for my friends wedding”, “my family need me here”, “I’ll be eaten by a spider”. The excuses will increase in absurdity until you realise you’ve got none left. It’s about then you Google ‘Moving to Australia’ and USIT display on your results page.

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