Why Chicago is our Favourite J1 City

Ah Chicago! “The Windy City”, “Chi-Town”, “The City of Big Shoulders”, just some of the names given to the beautiful city over the years, and one thing remains the same – the atmosphere, the pride and the acceptance this city has for everyone!

Here are some reasons why we think Chicago is the King of the J1 in 2018 and it’s not just us saying this!

It’s one of the biggest cities in the US with a population that’s unbelievably proud of its city.

Forget New York and Los Angeles (well, for now), this city’s skyline is built on innovation and history! The first ever skyscraper was built in Chicago. Also with the 360 Chicago which offers unparalleled sights far above the city streets. From 1,000 feet up on the 94th floor, you can see up to 55 miles out and four states!

Not Just a Concrete Block!

Chicago has 15 miles of bathing beaches and 26 miles of coastline. Located on Lake Michigan, this inland city has some surprising beach fronts!

Home of The Deep Dish Pizza

When it comes to food, Chicago is where it’s at!  Chicago hosts the world’s largest free outdoor food festival!

Zero FOMO Guaranteed

Chicago hosts some of the best festivals in the world! With over 100 happening in the city during the summer months, the most well-known – Lollapalooza. You won’t be shy of a weekend activity here!

Pride Without the Arrogance

Unlike it’s East and West coast counterparts, Chicagoan’s are almost as modest as us Irish. They love their city and love sharing  that pride with new comers!

Chicagoan’s Love The Irish!

From dying their river green for Paddy’s Day to an insane number of Irish bars, Chicago knows how to make us Irish feel at home!

No Need to Cram as Many People as Possible into a One Room Apartment

With cost of rent in Chicago being lower than New York, San Francisco and San Diego

Instead of living like this…

You could be living like this…

A City Booming With Culture

Chicago has some of the most amazing museums, galleries and architecture to rival even the most cultured of European cities! From The Art Institute of Chicago holding the second biggest collection of impressionist paintings in the world to having the first gay rights group in the USA formed in this fantastic city, Chicago really have some incredible attractions.