Emirates to Build the Largest Vertical Farm for Fresh Airplane Food


Emirates Vertical FarmCourtesy of Emirates

When you think of Dubai you probably think of it as being an extravagant holiday destination with luxurious hotels and penthouse apartments, designer clothes stores, elaborate vehicles from convertibles to yachts, and the most famous restaurants you could ever have the opportunity of dining in. Now, it looks like farming is going to be added to that list.

Emirates Flight Catering, a subsidiary of Emirates Group, announced in June a new partnership with Crop One Holdings. this partnership will see $40 million being invested to create what they are claiming to be the largest indoor farm in Dubai, and if all turns out well, this will be the largest vertical farm in the world!

Emirates Vertical FarmCourtesy of Emirates

The farm, whose grand opening is set to be next year. The green facility will utilise less water and cover an area of over 12,000 square metres. This facility will however, be able to produce crops equivalent to 900 acres of farmland. This is following Dubai’s desire to be in line with their long-term goal of making their desert nation self-supporting and efficient enough to grow its own food supply.

This investment to build and operate the world’s largest vertical farming facility aligns with the UAE’s drive for more agricultural self-sufficiency, a vision which began with the late His Highness Shaikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the UAE’s founding father,” Shaikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline and Group said in an announcement. “The introduction of ground-breaking technology at the facility also enhances Dubai’s position as a global innovation hub.

According to the announcement, by December 2019 these two companies predict to be distributing their first batch of produce to their customers (this includes 105 of their airlines and 25  of their airport lounges) by December of 2019. Best think of this if you’ll be traveling at that time!

All images courtesy of Emirates

Feature image – David Rodrigo