Introducing USIT’s New Canada Programme!

Ever dream of doing your college placement somewhere other than Ireland? Want to learn some amazing skills in the summer/autumn while also going on an adventure? Well, you’re in luck…

Canada Student Trainee Programme

USIT have just launched a brand new programme that allows Irish students to spend 3-12 months in Canada working as a trainee, without using up their IEC visa!

Why Is This Significant?

The 2 Year IEC Visa can only be granted once in your lifetime so only using it for 3 months in the summer is a waste of an amazing opportunity.  The Student Trainee Visa allows you to live and work in Canada for a short period, making it ideal for Irish students looking to make their college placement feel more like an Erasmus experience.

How Do I Find A Job?

What’s unique about this programme is that it includes a trainee position. USIT have partnered with a wide variety of Canadian employers to bring you trainee positions such as digital marketing trainee, sports management trainee and MMA instructor trainee. Have a trainee position set up in Canada already? Great, we’ll just help you with the paperwork!

Am I Eligible?

If you are a student aged between 18-35 with an Irish passport and no criminal convictions then you are eligible for this visa! You may be asked to show proof of funds to cover your stay in Canada.

Is It Right For Me?

The Student Trainee Programme is ideal for students looking to get international experience. If your college course requires work placement, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn your placement into an adventure you’ll never forget!

For more information about the programme, click here!


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